Spare a thought today for poor old Matthias Schoenfeld. This sprightly pensioner who goes under the name Webfact does not have the 800,000 baht deposit to show for his retirement visa every year so his employer Thai Visa takes responsibility for that for him.

But for that – and a reported 65,000 Thai baht a month – seems to work all hours god gave him flooding the site with ‘news’ for voracious readers to have a frenzy on.

On one day last week he had made 128 posts from 5 am to 6pm. That is with no break for lunch – one every six minutes. Now that’s’ hard graft! He can’t have another life.

Well that is one legitimate way of getting readers – well semi legit. Its news aggregation and ThaiVisa is taking hits from other people’s stories.

Though it does warn of other people copying them and boasts a team of ‘ThaiVisa Reporters’.

But what of his timekeeper Jonathan Fairfield, Operations Manager at ThaiVisa, according to Linkedin, and according to ThaiVisa.
“A real news junkie who loves to edit and write. He has previously written for one the UK’s leading watch and horology websites.”

That’s definitely something I’d keep in my waistcoat pocket.
Jonathan is a completely different kettle of fish – and no surprises here as to why this Stockport County Football Club Supporter has found Thailand exciting.

Jonathan is bashing away on his computer almost as much as Matthias. His job with Chief Mod gay Scott is to drive the mods to keep the posts coming.

Playing at Stockport fC – by Trollfootball

As we started the Thai Visa Chronicles he posted this to the team of mods.

Its all totally unrtue – he said – well, almost

But actually I do know Jonathan a lot more than he thinks. 

Never mind his new role on Inspire TV where Jonathan-fairfield-linkin‘over to Jonathan to see what’s happening in Hua Hin’ you can discover well, er, nothing is actually happening in Hua Hin, except that maybe Buffalo Bills’s has got steaks ‘on offer’ this week.

The stuff about ‘Northern charm’ and ‘dictator’ was somwhat tongue in check, his bravest act may have been to survive a Stockport game on a wet Saturday.

Fictitious Post and Phony Members

Jonathan is ThaiVisa’s principal faker of posts and ‘bumper upper’ of threads and its time to call time on this writer on horology.

His total contempt for the readership is obvious, but I have to say at times that’s almost understandable, but then I am not serving them.

ThaiVisa seems to be full of foreigners who have absolutely nothing to do all day. And a finer collection of racists and bigots would be harder to find.

But equally I suspect many are foreigners ‘living the dream’ and sometimes perhaps ‘nightmare’ in the wilds of north east Thailand who have little to do but meet their mates in the nearest pub 40 miles away, or plug in for some conversation on their computers.

So Jonathan makes up posts, sits back and watches, and occasionally comments on his own ridiculous stories. Its a wheeze.

‘On Sunday evening I killed a soi dog’

Take this one for instance from DrRobert77. Here is Jonathan posing as a man who has become so furious with a dog in his Soi that he runs over it with his car.

He is apparently stricken with regret and is now being blackmailed by a neighbor who demands 20,000 baht from him. Poor Dr. Robert. What should he do?

This topic, which should have been answered with the statement ‘Get a life’ rumbles on for over 17 pages mostly contemptuous of his fictitious Thai neighbours with occasionally Jonathan answering as Dr. Robert or chipping in as PinkPanther99 from the same isp number.

Yes and you’ve guessed it Dr.Robert and Pink Panther are the same and all over the place on Thaivisa.

Anyway you’ve got to feel sorry for Jonathan. In this post he says his Thai Chinese hi-so wife rarely has time for sex nowadays. But never mind. He’s got ThaiVisa and the local 7/11!

Nah. He’s making it up. A Stockport County supporter who writes about horology with a wealthy hi-so Thai-Chinese wife. His only saving grace for his wife would be that he might be good between the sheets. He’d have had a proper work visa a long time ago, not that dodgy one for selling ThaiVisa Property.


Moderating the Mods

Readers will of course by now have come to the conclusion that my sources on ThaiVisa are quite good. Not all those working for it are greedy aspiring media wannabes or time-share salesmen. I am of course aware who they all are with all their telephone numbers, email, addresses and emails. And can of course I can see what they are saying privately to each other.  Actually not surprisingly its quite boring.

No I do not have it in for ThaiVisa nor even the faintest obsession. But I am a journalist. I do not hide behind another name. I don’t hoax. I correct if I am wrong (You need to explain yourself Badbanker)  The media is not a game.

At this stage it would be churlish to name all these people (Moderator01) . And while there may be a rush to change names etc I guess I will find out about that too.

That’s not the point. Now that ThaiVisa has been ‘acquired by’ the Choice Group and Inspire TV the new bosses should be making it clear that faking comes to an end, false post boosting comes to an end, and promoting shady organisations comes to an end., or simply admit ‘We’re ThaiVisa. We’re oiks.  We think you’re jerks and we want your cash and we don’t care how we get it.’

In the meantime if you think a Thai Visa moderator has crossed the line – let me know.

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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