Wanted: Red bloated rugby watching Welshman with deteriorating teeth : Reward US$5000


A reward of
US$5000 has been put out now for the whereabouts of Greg Pitt, a former
stalwart of the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.

According to
those hunting him down he has been sentenced to 18 years in jail by the provincial
court in Trat Province – but presumably because he has money and this was
private prosecution, he has not yet seen any prison bars.
Pitt was the
managing director of Bangkok law firm McKenzie-Smith. 
He was also promoting Ponzis.  Two of his projects were the Royal Siam Trust
and White Sands Beach  – a resort on Koh

Here is the
blurb below from the FindGregPitt Facebook page, which is where I got his description from – but you can go there yourself at this link or go to the FindGregPitt website.
Personally I thought being dodgy was a prerequisite for joining a Thai version of the ‘Chamber, Rotary, Lions, Masons, Optimists’ etc. However now as Pitt appears to be Somphon and Thai, perhaps he is quite safe.

But what is is with foreign bosses of law firms in Thailand. Take the ones exposed on this site, Drew Noyes (One Stop Legal Services, Pattaya) – on the run after being jailed for extortion, Brian Goudie, aka Goldie, from Falkirk, boss of Alba Laws, on the run having been jailed for four years for theft and embezzlement, British Law (Pattaya) owner struck off as a solicitor in the UK.

There is a reward out for Goudie of course of 100,000 baht but it can take cash to get Thai police to arrest a crook.

with our legal counsel and network that will liaise with the local Thai police
for the arrest warrants to be served.

this conman now has a new Thai name (Somphong Leekaew) and possibly other new
identities. He may have help now from ‘friends’ to elude capture that once
worked for him or borrowed some of the stolen funds he controlled over the last
18 years.

He has
stolen millions from investors from 1998-2014.He is wanted
by the Thai courts on multiple arrest warrants for fraud, embezzlement and
multiple skipped court appearances.

Help us find
him before he steals again or hides in plain sight in Thailand or ?HOW TO


Usually red
and bloated with a short neck and broad shoulders.Hair now
WHITE but past thick brown parted down the middle.Teeth are
quite deteriorated and small.
He is
possibly wearing a white beard and hat outside now.Date of
Birth: 10-5-1954 (61)


He has a big
laugh and strong Welsh accent (quite difficult to understand while he’s
consuming alcohol).He is known
only to speak English and very little if any Thai.

He is very
heavy set and average height: 178-180cm or 5’10-5’11 and around 120-130kgs or
270-290lbs (or more).

He has
health issues. Face becomes quite red with heavy alcohol consumption and he takes
medication for his heart and high blood pressure. Last known to use an asthma
inhaler in 2012-13.


His demeanor
has become quite erratic over the last few years (reported) since several
lawsuits and criminal charges have been lodged against him combined with his
confidence schemes fully exposed.

He often
drinks and eats at English or Irish pubs well air-conditioned, beach or city.

He wears
mostly short or long pants (never jeans), dress or collared shirts and probably
has not donned a business suit in five years since retiring from being a fake
lawyer and conman (Mackenzie Smith Law, Bangkok and Pattaya)
He likes red
meat and English, Welsh or Irish cuisine.
He is not
known to smoke.

watching rugby, football and cricket at pubs.He has
terminated his mobile number in 2015 after 10-15 plus years.

Speaks about
law as if he went to law school.Has a very
bad attitude towards Americans and known to be quite racist.

Drove a
White BMW 5 Series in Thailand. Not known to drive anymore due to health and
the obvious.


good 95%. Bangkok, Pattaya and possibly Hua Hin or south Thailand. Pattaya was
known to be his primary operating hub after semi-retiring from professional
conning in Bangkok in 2010. Holds several properties around the country in
other company (Thai nominee) names such as Mackenzie Smith or Mackenzie Taylor.

Highly likely all is in a trust and will to his adult sons in the UK. Note* His
victims bought these.

of 175,000 Thai Baht or $5,000 USD leading to the location and capture for the
police. All inquiries, casual tips and even people protecting him will be kept
in the utmost confidence or confidential.***LEGAL
NOTE*** This blog is NOT defamation, libel or slander.

This is a wanted
fugitive for criminal convictions (active arrest warrants) and his victims
justice. Other than running a fraudulent gun-for-hire law firm known as
Mackenzie Smith Law (seed funded by his first Ponzi scheme Managed Savings
Ltd.) he additionally ran a land banking investment called White Sands Beach in
Trat and helped/owned a shell company marketing scheme called Royal Siam Trust
from 2004-2010 (the money being collected in Hong Kong).

Recently the main
asset White Sands Beach Co. was illegally sold by his former Thai wife to a
small law firm; and another foreigner and his Thai wife now owning full
ownership rights that DOES NOT BELONG to them.

Your help
will be appreciated by his victims, the courts, the police and rewarded for his
capture and certain location and address.

For legal reasons we cannot openly
post certified copies of his arrest warrants but under conditions via mail or
in person (police) to prevent an array of problems or set backs including him
being tipped off to go into hiding again, or run.

0973580725Make sure to
have some valid proof of his location and for us to begin the procedure for his
capture including a generous reward in cash or bank wire. Again, we can provide
certified copies of his warrants in confidence and you may remain anonymous
with the police as well as simply a tipster to find this white collar criminal
at large. For your information he is not considered armed and dangerous
whatsoever and a coward.