Police in Thailand have demonstrated the unique sign language which has enabled them to keep a lid on crime. It was revealed in a demonstration by Lt. General Sanit Mahatavorn to vocational students in Bangkok earlier this week.

From ‘Khao Sod’  ‘Make money – not arrests#.
The new signs are not intended to actually stop crime – just keep a lid on it – as of course the Thai Police are the unofficial mafia in Thailand.
The first sign demonstrated by Bangkok’s police chief was the three fingered sign of the devil or ‘El Diablo’. 
Why all the silly gestures? Sanit said youth need to stop making a very specific gesture that usually leads to brawls. Khao Sod (Fresh News) newspaper reported.
“You know what the middle finger means,” he said. “I suggest we change from showing ‘The Finger’ to the  ‘I Love You’ gesture.”


Sanit then demonstrated the sign of the horned Satan, which to some deaf and dumb Americans means ‘I love you’, but which was invented, I kid you not, by a person with Satanic interests. 
In fact in the UK and the rest of the civilised world deaf and dumb people use the following procedure to denote ‘I love you’.
However, the Satanic gesture is ideal for gang fights and if students invoke the devil while setting about each other with machetes and baseball bats all hell will be let loose and crime figures will invariable come down as there will be shortly none of them left. Never mind the figures though, it will also give police less to do.
The second sign which the Lt General demonstrated was the ‘cough up’ or ‘loadsamoney’ sign and denoted that police would indeed ‘love you’ once you had paid your dues or rather bribes.
This sign is widely invoked in all regions of the Thai police whether it be on Thai paupers, in particular motorcyclists, or the rich. It involved rubbing the thumb with the forefinger and sometimes salivating at the same time.
In the case of the Thai rich it is invoked when the ‘elites’ mow down paupers in their BMWs or Mercedes and can guarantee massive mistakes in preparing prosecutions.
In the case of foreigners it can be invoked, well in almost any situation.  The demand for cash will increase the more the foreigners protest.  
Failing to pay could mean that the foreign will go missing in some jail or other. Foreign criminals who have the right amount of cash can even go into partnership with the Royal Thai Police PLC.
This is favoured by international fraudsters, and boiler room operators. International child sexual abusers also quite often take advantage of this sign but are complaining abroad about the rising costs in Thailand but its still better than Cambodia where they are faced with multiple vigilante ngos.

The third sign the Lt. General demonstrated is the sign of the devil’s protection, a sort of ‘I love you’ from the ‘Prince of Darkness.’  
Sanit demonstrated as he and another officer formed an umbrella over their heads with their arms – thereby denoting that no shit would fall on them.
Examples cited of how effective this shield include instances of how Thai police can get bail after being sentenced to death for murdering youths in Kalasin, steal the Saudi Royal families Crown jewels (from the real thief) and replace them with paste replicas, and set up foreigners (Burmese and Cambodians by choice) willy-nilly for serious crimes of murder, and of course effectively controlling drugs, gambling, prostitution, the trade in illegal wildlife, oil smuggling,  and all the rackets not controlled by their rivals in the army.
In the picture below Thai police are giving an 18-year-old suspect the finger, while at the same time Lt. General Sanit is demanding ‘loads of money’. 
This does not mean that they love the 18-year-old murder suspect. It means they love what is going to happen next.
This means that, when the media have gone and police have extracted all the cash they can from the boy’s relatives, they will remove the crash helmet, and beat the living daylights out of him – after which of course he will confess, or disappear in the Gulf of Thailand with all the rest.
Below is another example of police sign language. In this instance the two Burmese boys are pointing to where they were on the night of the murder of Britons Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on the island of Koh Tao. 
The police are of course pointing in the opposite direction. This is fact means.

“It does not matter where you point boyos. We are saying you committed the murders over there where the bodies were found. And we have made up the DNA to prove it. And you are not going to get any help from Scotland Yard because not only have we entertained them royally, but they are scared of the ‘Chilling Effect’ of upsetting the Royal Thai Police. Suckers!. We’re all police you see.”

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