Andre Machielsen

Pattaya Court Throws Out Another Case Brought By Drew Noyes

SANTA HOLDS HIS HEAD UP HIGH AGAIN -Pattaya Provincial Court has dismissed another case brought by Drew Noyes, the phony American lawyer who founded the Pattaya Times newspaper. Judges in Pattaya have dismissed the case brought by Drew Noyes who counter sued Dutch businessman Andre Machielsen after Andre lost a libel case against Noyes, 57, […]


NEW ONLINE THAI NEWS SUPREMO IS 14-YEAR-OLD GIRL But will dad pay for her libel suits or school fees? Media News – from the Flying Sporran Drew Noyes – media magnate? Or a man with many judgements out against him in the U.S. The Pattaya Times newspaper and the Pattaya-Times are disassociating themselves from each […]


THE PATTAYA TRUTH – OUT AT LAST A libel case brought by Pattaya businessman Andre Machielsen against Drew Noyes, the city’s most famous American was today dismissed by a judge at the Pattaya Provincial Court on the grounds of insufficient evidence.  Drew Noyes, the founding father of the prestigious Pattaya Times, and one of Thailand’s foremost […]

“I’m no drugs dealer!” protests Father Christmas

DREW NOYES DEFAMED SEASONAL SANTA – claim. (Photo Santa Andre Machielsen) -American ‘businessman’ Drew Noyes defamed a seasonal Santa Claus by putting a statement on the net describing him as a drugs dealer, a libel court heard in Pattaya today. Hearing that the Pattaya City Expat Clubs talked about putting an internet warning about him, […]

Exclusive – Drew Noyes On Bail And Out Of Control!

Drew Noyes- Wanrapa Boonsu – COUPLE ON BAIL FOR EXTORTION POCKETED ‘THAI WIFE’S’ PAY-OFF  – CLAIM. Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu- the controversial couple behind the Pattaya Times newspaper and a supposed law company in Pattaya called P.A.P.P.A  have been accused of swindling another foreigner out of 2.5 million baht while they were on bail […]

Flying Sporran Is Out Of The Loop

Apologies to readers. I am a but out of the loop at the moment. Am currently in Chiang Rai and heading for a village on the Burmese border on a breaking story. Well, it will be if I actually get to break it. Meanwhile I am planning to subject ‘my photographer’ (He hates it when […]