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Drew Noyes – media magnate? Or a man with
many judgements out against him in the U.S.

The Pattaya Times newspaper and the Pattaya-Times are disassociating themselves from each other.  And in new wheezes and japes by the founder American Drew Noyes, editors are being changed as have managing directors. These are all of course nominal.

Are the people at the Pattaya Times, which founder Drew Noyes boasts has a readership of 500,000, out of sorts with the people at the Pattaya Times online version which boasts it is Thailand’s leading source for Pattaya news and is also paper with the Bangkok Post?

Not at all. They all sit at the same desk.  Or rather he sits at the same desk and sends his copy up to a hack in Chiang Mai to proof read. Below is what you get if you google the Pattaya Times.

Now the new look online Pattaya Time is registered to a young 14-year-old girl going under the name Narin Chaisit. Could she be the 12-year-old daughter of Drew Noyes who he claimed was fond of blogging?

 But her name was Narin Noyes and although she does live in Bangkok, its at a totally different address to the one the site is registered at.  Chaisit is the surname of Noyes’ former wife Nittaya, who has, well not really, all that property in the U.S. which she cannot get to. Geddit?   And as for Mr. Noyes……

“He’s going crazy at the moment,” said a recently defected employee. “His business is down. There are tax problems on the horizon, and he sees the man responsible for all his misfortune as Andrew Drummond. He has organized anti-drummond blogs, but nobody reads them. So Pattaya Times is going to be an anti-Andrew Drummond site too now.”

Well let’s see then.  Oh yes. I think this guy is right. This is the current front page (26/02/2013)



So what’s the truth of this story? Court bond states he has to pay 50,000 baht or more. He’s a fugitive from justice? Court has ruled he was wrong for posting article etc.. There were of course no such statements from the court. Seems Noyes only has the case number right. This is an identical case to ‘Going to jail’ picture case thrown out last week by Pattaya judges. This case will also be thrown out if there is a consistency in judgements.

Second Lead:

Andre (left)

Some mistake surely – One charge of libel against him brought by Andre Machielsen was dismissed but is being appealed. Then he has invented a false summary of the judgement which includes this:
A twist in the case, introduced by hate blogger Andrew Drummond in yet another of Mr. Drummond’s false statements on his blog site, which stated several times that Mr. Machielsen was a Thai national. Mr. Machielsen while on the stand denied having Thai citizenship, and admitted he is a citizen of the Netherlands.  A summary of a judges comment indeed.

Drew Noyes has yet to be cleared of extortion – a case brought by Dr. Michel of the Jomtien Clinic and fraud brought by Theo Van der Schaaf – and of course a case of being in breach of a court order brought by Andrew Drummond.

Third lead:

Drew Noyes Acquitted of All Charges; Andre Machielsen, Andrew Drummond, Thor Halland Likely Charged.

Drew Noyes-Thor Halland

Que? This is the Andre Machielsen case again. Andrew Drummond has nothing whatever do to with this case but Drew Noyes adds: “Lawyers who have filed multiple criminal charges for defamation and cyber crimes against Andrew Drummond are considering how to add Drummond to this case.”

Machielsen and Halland are unlikely to be charged with anything.

Of those multiple cases by the way there is one left and a second ‘Going to Jail’ picture case.

Fourth Lead: 

Bangkok-Pattaya Weekly Announced

Well you can forget about that. It is not going to happen – This is what the story about the latest Noyes venture says.

“The Bangkok Pattaya Weekly newspaper will also be the first joint city newspaper covering events, business, sports, entertainment and all news of interest concerning the capital city of Bangkok and the largest beach resort in Asia, nearby Pattaya.
Much of the news will be gathered by seasoned journalists in Bangkok and Pattaya. However, because the nature of the new publication is oriented around travel between the two mega-cities, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) will provide news as it does at its website”.

Sixth Lead: 


Some mistake here again. Drew Noyes is in court in May in a case filed by lawyers for Andrew Drummond – the charge – breach of a court order. No such charges are on file against Andrew Drummond.

Seventh lead:


This story which carries a prominent picture of Andrew Drummond has been up on the website for yonks and was originally published in the Pattaya Times. This is the classic mysterious Mangus Evans letter (using the word wanker now edited out) writing in allegedly to Drew Noyes to complain about a story Andrew Drummond  has written about Farmer Joe Stanyer, a turkey farmer in Hua Hin – who has lost almost everything to his Thai wife.

Joe had to send his kids back to England while he was sorting out the mess. They were put in the care of Redbridge Council Social Services.

Drew Noyes wrote:

 “Andrew Drummond also writes on his blog (BTW, my 12-year-old has a blog, too and she says it’s cool to write stuff someone else might read!):
 “This story could suspend one’s belief so much so that even social workers from Redbridge Council in Essex want to check it out. And to do so, while Britain seems to be plummeting into a double-dip recession, they say they have announced that they are sending over a case officer to investigate.”
Well, we contacted the Redbridge Council in Essex and they are not planning to send any social workers to Thailand.
I would tell Andrew Drummond to stick to writing the truth instead of confusing people with things he makes up, but I would not want to encourage him to publish anything else on his sensational blog.  For general knowledge, stick to the main sites with fluid, moving forums, not sensational, negative one-man blogs by unemployed guys with a computer.
For the facts about Thai law make a free appointment and come see us at PAPPA Co., Ltd. Law Office”

I can confirm that Drew Noyes was not told anything by Redbridge Council as it is against the law to discuss children in care with third and outside parties. I can confirm also that a social worker from Redbridge Council has visited Thailand to see both the situation Farmer Joe is in, and also that of his wife, and I can also confirm that Joe is suing his bent lawyer, who had been struck off years ago – so I would not place too much on what his PAPPA company say!

The Pattaya Times – all the news you can use?

Now a few reasons why Mr. Noyes finds Pattaya such a welcoming place and does not want to return from whence he came. There are many more.

• Type -Federal Tax Lien (ID: 2005M001169)
• Amount $112,460
• Filing Date 9/9/2005
• Debtors
Drew W Noyes
• Creditors – Internal Revenue Service
• Type – Judgment (ID: BK335PG325)
• Amount – $10,099
• Filing Date 4/15/1999
• Debtors
Drew Noyes
• Creditors – Enterprise Rent-A-Car Inc
• Type
Federal Tax Lien (ID: B119P93)
• Amount $11,560
• Filing Date -6/4/1996
• Debtors
Drew W Noyes
• Creditors – Federal Lien

At the time of his departure from the U.S. some 7 cases had been filed against him in North Carolina, and that was in just one state. These included assaults on females.

Restraining orders had been issued in favour of his ex wife..and of course there is a judgement of US$72,000 against him in favour of one Tom Flanagan for share fraud renewed in March 2012.

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