Suthep Thuagsuban


Flying Sporran’s Midweek Diary Any deaths yet? (Picture:OK – Not so okay) I’m taking a break. There have been no deaths in the current demonstrations in Bangkok and now there is a stand off so my more bloodthirsty colleagues back home are losing interest.  Police have got a warrant to arrest Suthep Thuagsuban, former deputy […]

Thai Prime Minister Invokes The Internal Security Act As Protesters Lay Siege To Government Buildings

Bangkok Tense As Internal Security Act is enforced From Andrew Drummond Bangkok: A sea of anti-government protestors surged through Bangkok today occupying key government buildings and demanding an end to the Premiership of Yingluck Shinawatra. Anti-government protesters with a long list of grievances stormed into the Finance Ministry, Budget Bureau and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and […]

Whisteblowers demonstrate outside Thailand’s FBI

Thailand’s capital Bangkok was in a state of tension today as nearly half a million* protesters began to march on Government departments – and pro-government supporting ‘redshirts’ flooded in from the provinces to support the government of Yingluck Shinawatra. But if the city was on edge, a lighter moment came when anti-government protesters besieged the […]