How The New York Post Ran With John Karr Arrest

Andrew Drummond covered the arrest of John Mark Karr for a number of newspapers including The Times, Sydney Morning Herald, and New York Post.
This is how the New York Post ran with the story
Jonbenet creep flies high until doors slam in US jail
*Jonbenet pervert ‘I loved her – Then killer her by mistake’
By ANDREW DRUMMOND in Bangkok, JENNIFER FERMINOin Boulder, Colo., and DAN MANGAN in New York
 COOL & CREEPY: John Karr, at his Thai appearance yesterday, gave cops two versions of the killing.August 18, 2006 ‘ ‘I killed her.’
John Mark Karr said those chilling words to police in Thailand – just as Colorado cops prepared to charge him with the 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, authorities said yesterday.
The 41-year-old fugitive teacher, busted Wednesday in a seedy Bangkok hotel, told cops he drugged the tiny beauty queen with chloroform, raped her and then accidentally killed her in the basement of her Boulder home, Thai officials said.
‘I was with JonBenet when she died. Her death was an accident,’ a soft-spoken and stuttering Karr told reporters yesterday in Bangkok, as photographers’ flashbulbs repeatedly illuminated his clean-cut but creepy countenance.
‘I loved JonBenet,’ added Karr, who appeared ashen and wore a baggy turquoise polo shirt that was buttoned to the neck and khaki pants.
Asked if he was innocent, the divorced father of three said, ‘No.’
‘It’s very important for me that everyone knows that I love her very much and that her death was unintentional,’ said Karr, who insisted he is ‘very sorry for what happened.’
Thai police revealed that the former used-car salesman is so convinced JonBenet died accidentally, he told them that even though he killed her, ‘it was not first-degree murder, it was second-degree.’
Karr reportedly told cops he believes JonBenet fatally overdosed on the chloroform he gave her to knock her out.
A top Thai cop said Karr also has claimed he planned to kidnap the tiny beauty queen for an $118,000 ransom, but strangled her after his plan went askew.
The suspect – who left California in 2001 to flee charges of possessing child porn – told reporters he wrote JonBenet’s mom, Patsy, before she died of ovarian cancer in June to tell her ‘many things, among them that I am so very sorry for what happened to JonBenet.’
Thai cops said Karr also told them he picked JonBenet up at school and took her back to her home the day she died. But the slaying occurred during the Christmas season.
Karr had been living in a cheap hotel in a seedy district of the Thai capital.
The area is noted for low-rent prostitutes and seedy massage parlors…continues

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