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October 11 2011
Drew Noyes & Thai Immigration & Labour Law Part 1

Two Filipina girls hired by self-proclaimed ‘newspaper publisher, philanthropist, and legal expert’ in Thailand have broken their silence on their ordeal after fleeing their jobs all but penniless after just four weeks.


Both women – who were recruited by American Drew Noyes (pictured right) to work on his newspaper the ‘Pattaya Times’ and for his supposed law office ‘PAPPA Co.Ltd.’ – claim they were: put to work illegally while on tourist visas and had to call home for funds to make their escape.

 The promises: Reality was that the girls paid their own air fares, and tourist visas, had their salaries cut and were thrown on the street when they complained.
At the centre of the controversy is 55-yr-old Drew Noyes who was first exposed in 1995 by an American newspaper for his ‘myriad lies, phony resume, bogus share dealing’ and a history of dodgy property deals.


In Thailand Noyes affected a ‘high class’ persona and repeatedly had his photograph taken in an apparent effort to elevate himself from the hoi polloi to associate with persons of influence.

Among his targets was Her Excellency Kristie Kenney (above) the United State Ambassador to Thailand, which would have been easy enough because she has been liberal with photocalls and he owned a ‘newspaper’ of sorts.

Noyes was exposed again 16 years later on this website for producing another phony resume,cheating foreigners on property deals,  and producing a totallyfraudulent newspaper on the back of other people’s work.

Today we examine Noyes’ claim to be an expert on immigration law and visas for foreigners and, much as we expected, victims claim, and we will show, this  American runs this service by either deceit, fraud, indifference or incompetence or a combination of them all.

Noyes,  who describes himself in his own resume as the ‘most credible, friendly and reassuring foreigner to make Thailand his home’,  claims to be an expert on Thai Immigration law and boasts of his friendly relationship with top immigration officials.

But evidence shows that while posing for pictures and ingratiating himself  with top Immigration Officials from Thailand’s

Chonburi Region he was deliberately flouting the immigration and labour laws himself.

Noyes posed for a picture (above) earlier this year with Police Colonel Chusak Panutumpon, the new Chief of Chonburi Immigration office located in Pattaya, and in the picture he clutched an Immigration 90-day reporting form.

Noyes offered to promote a ‘reporting by mail scheme’ in his Pattaya Times.  (But rather than follow the instructions below I would advise people to download the forms direct from immigration not least because the link Noyes provides does not get you an immigration form let alone a newspaper coupon for discount on a box of soap powder.)

This is how Drew Noyes reported his meeting with the immigration chief.

But while Noyes has been,  he claims, ‘advising’ Immigration Police and even the Mayor of Pattaya Ittiphol Kunplume (below from the Pattaya Times) back at chez PAPPA his company located under National Housing Authority apartments in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, he was happily giving scant regard to the laws himself.

We begin first with two Filipinas who were employed by Noyes until very recently.  Here follows what they said after being lured by an advert in his ‘Pattaya Times’ and on

www.tagged.com  by Noyes who blew internet kisses and bombarded them with  links to his profile and pictures of course of him with the Mayor of Pattaya, Immigration Police Colonel Chusak Panutumpon, and not least of all the US Ambassador to Thailand.

 Looking for staff from Philippines on Tagged.com
In the case of Girl ‘A’, even though she had not completed college in the Philippines, she was convinced by Noyes’s internet resume  that it was ‘professional data’.

In an email to this site she told how she was first messaged by Drew Noyes on  www.tagged.com

She said: ‘My short story that I want  share to everyone is about my previous job in Pattaya,Thailand. I am a Filipina who worked as office assistant staff at PAPPA ,Co., Ltd. On February  2011 I received a messaged from someone who wanted to be my friend on TAGGED” and  I started to getting know him when he sending an  email every week. He asked my help  to find Filipinas who wants to work  his company.
Here is his message :  

•        Give A Gift
•        Give Tags
From:Drew Noyes
Date:February 26, 2011 at 11:03am
Subject:Re: Hi xxxx

Good morning .xxxxxxx” So Nice to know you. Today it is raining here at market in Pattaya Beach.  It will be a beautiful day in a few hours.
Can you help me with finding staff for receptionist, internet research and office staff? I am planning a trip to the Philippines soon so I can hire 6 new staff right away because we are opening a new office for my newspaper and internet marketing company. I would like to hire a few Thais also.
If you know anyone who is a nice person like you, can speak English and likes to learn to do new things on the internet ask them to send their CV or resume to editor@pattaya-times.com or to me drew@pattayalawyers.com. Thanks!
P.S. I would like to have you working with me, too!

Girl A: ‘I told him before I wanted  also to work..but I still needed  to wait until my graduation. But this guy he never stopped  emailing me and sending links about his Profile Background. Here is the sample links that he always send to me before :

P.S. See my details at http://th.linkedin.com/in/drewwalternoyes
Read the latest news for the Times of Your Life in Pattaya on the Pattaya Times newspaper website
Get access to legal and visa help in Thailand http://www.PattayaLawyers.com


Girl A: ‘It’s like encouraging someone to agree what he wants..coz when you noticed the links it’s really professional  data right? I was thinking also that time it’s a good opportunity to get an experience . So I decided  to agree because he told me I don’t need  to spend money just to go Thailand.
The reason why because this guy is the one who promised to organize



Girl ‘A’ (WOW!! Absolutely sounds nice…Here is message from him i received b4 :

•        How many kids do you gave dear ?
•        We have several businesses and if you want to work OT then you can make a lot of money to send home …..


Followed by:

Drew Walter Noyes:  Oh  Excellent! You are coming to the right place at the right time

Drew Walter Noyes: oh Yes, xxxxx . You have a job waiting for you in Pattaya. When are you arriving? Your monthly salary will depend on you. We will start you at 12,000 baht per month, but I am sure you will advance quickly.

§  Give A Gift
§  Give Tags
From:Drew Noyes
Date:February 24, 2011 at 9:53pm
Subject:Re: Hi xxxxx
Yes, we will. I really want to know you more. I think you are very special.





Girl ‘A’ however became less special when she turned down an offer made by Noyes after she arrived in Pattaya.  Bang went the free visa. Bang went the salary and bang went the overtime payments.


As she had arrived on a Tourist Visa Noyes could not apply for a work visa for the girl so that deception was fairly obvious, so no payment was necessary. 

But then again perhaps of course his visa advisory service did not know this!

‘At the beginning he treated me good, maybe because he wanted something from me. He always invited us for dinner. Then one night he asked me to go out for dinner , to drink and meet his friends at a go-go bar.

Drew Noyes and ‘wife’ Kung – but he wanted Filipina
“He said: ‘You don’t need to worry about my wife (Kung).  She knows about it  and I need to know more about you’.

”But I think 100% he is not telling his wife (Kung).  I really did not know how much was real about my boss that time. So went with him and I could not imagine my boss liked watching girls dance naked.


Wild dance
‘I told him that was my first time to see such wild dance. He said: ‘In Philippines you have that also. When I was in Angeles city it’s similar to Pattaya’.

” I said ‘Anyway sir. I don’t know about it because I’ve never been to that kind of place. I just like drinks and watching live bands or going to a disco’. 


‘ I needed to pretend to be happy and enjoy his company every time he asked  if i’m okay.

PAPPA Co. Ltd., where the Filipinas were employed.
‘I didn’t  do bad things about him  when I was there. But he gave me big scars that are not erased in my mind. At the time I respect him as my boss but he never respected me, or cared for his staff.

‘Even someone is sick he does not care. He just pretended to care about his staff. That’s  Mr. Drew Walter NOYES.’

Girl ‘A’ apologises for her English but we get the message loud and clear.  

In their investigation into Noyes in 1993 journalists from the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina discovered files which showed he had run away from a company after a firing a junior worker who had refused to have sex with him.

He allegedly stated it was a conditon of her employement.

Noyes was being pursued for damages on behalf of the woman.

Not surprisingly Noyes made claims against the woman, that she had a substantial criminal history etc.

These claims were never verified and he never stuck around to provide the evidence.

Not true, said the woman’s lawyer Gary Kurtz: ‘She refused and he fired her. That’s pretty offensive.”

Meanwhile Girl ‘B’  from the Philippines has not only confirmed A’s story but had a few other words to say herself.

‘I’m one of the Filipinas working for Drew before. I saw an article on the Pattaya Times website that promised working visa and air fares and a high salary to work in Pattaya for Drew Noyes.

Above: Drew gives a link to a Filipina on tagged.com to a Pattaya Mail report of talk at Pattaya City Expats Club in which he says he came to Thailand advise the Bank of Thailand

‘I wanted to do this so I could send money back to my family. “After working for one month and with overtime and Sunday working instead of receiving 15,000 baht plus over times I received only 7,000 baht after Drew took out money for the visa he said he would pay for.

Accommodation courtesy of the Thai Government Housing Authority apartments for the poor…until the Filipinas complained they had no money.

“The visas were tourist visas even though we were working in his legal office. When I left to find a job that paid more Drew rang my mom and dad and told them I got sick because I went to a bar and got drunk and didn’t come to work.

Drew Noyes also used the name ‘Bob’ on the net. Here he is telling a Filipina he does not want sex.

‘ I was really sick and he knew it because he saw me. I never went to a bar in Pattaya when I was there.

‘When in Pattaya my friend and I met a American couple who, when we said we were working for Drew, felt sorry for us and bought us dinner and gave us 200 baht.

‘They then took us to an internet cafe and showed us the truth about Drew on the noyeswatch site.

‘What we had heard about Drew we hoped was just rumor but it was actually was worst than what was written about him. We both came to send money back to our families but ended up they had to send money to us and we lost money we could not afford to lose’. 

Finally here’s Noyes message to a Filipina who rumbled him on tagged.com but whom he believes is me.


Update: Drew Noyes spoke to my internet chap today to say the Filipinas had retracted the story. I thought I would check and got this.


Any inaccuracies found on stories on this website will be corrected and updated if a complaint is made and found to be valid.


To be continued: Part 2: An American couples’s ordeal