Anybody want a Gic… er,  GIC Card that is?  Better get tooled up then!

A Flying Sporran Inquiry

Anybody got a GIC-Card? This is not a card which will get you a low-cost girl who will deliver on the first date, more commonly spelled Gik.  It’s a card which has been promoted in tourist areas in Thailand to purchase goods.

Apparently at the same time you build up credit points for special gifts, get special discounts AND also donate to charity and also make money for the marketers.

Take for example this promotion in Pattaya in December 2009. Pictured above we have its developers and promoters. On the left is Australian David Tyson, 60, ‘socialite’ Rujiwan Pathumtavaphibal, 57, the GIC people, with Pattaya Mayor Ittiphol Khunpluem,over 21, and Niels Colov, 65, of the Pattaya People Media Group. 

The Pattaya People is even advertised on the card as they were the main sponsors of this promotion (see video above).

Not only that, but Herr Colov even took the ‘executives’ along to the Fr. Ray Foundation, which, said Pattaya People Television, was going to be the prime recipient on the eastern seaboad of Global-I-Care’s donations.


And then of course was the promotion itself with singer Nicole Terio with a bevy of dancing girls.

All very glitzy. Singers, dancers. Strobe lights etc. Nicole says ‘I’ll get a Gic card – I promise!’

Gic stands for Global-I-Care. Sounds Global doesn’t it. But it isn’t. Don’t believe the Pattaya People. Pattaya and Phuket were selected as the main targets for the promotion. And I mean targets.

Pattaya Mail: ‘The first 680 baht in discounts goes to the company

It seems that people associated with this card are also associated with, men with guns, dodgy policemen, some very quick debt resolution and easy property gains – property gains from gullible foreigners that is.

Niels Colov, Knight of Rizal, the ‘reformed’ Copenhagen ‘businessman’ familiar to readers of this site heavily promoted Tyson’s deal.

His media organisation announced that the Father Ray Foundation would be the card’s main beneficiary on the Eastern Seaboard. In fact the Foundation has not received a penny in over two years.

Mayor Ittiphol Khunpluem, he has been misled before into opening up a company making software for internet sex-chat lines, was also roped in.

Seems he may have been listening to the wrong foreign advisors again.

But as an unwitting party he is blameless which is good because it gets worse.

Two of the main figures in this business have been associated with some rather strong armed tactics down in Phuket.

They were involved in an armed stand-off trying to evacuate a Thai woman from her home in there.

This is what one Thai woman, Parichart Namchoo, says she had to face after she says she was confronted by David Tyson and Rujiwan who tried to take her house away from her in Phuket – the 16 million baht house she said she was given by her ex-Norwegian lover.

They are all carrying guns, there are police in uniform and not in uniform and other officials.  I don’t know who is who.  I have to come back and live in this house.  I have to come back and stay here to identify that I am the real owner and keep my rights as the owner of this house.  I have to have people with me all the time.  I can’t leave the house.  

“It’s like I am in jail.  They locked up and are occupying all the rooms downstairs.  I am not allowed in my own kitchen, living room or dining room or daughters room. I have been kept upstairs.

“I have been 4 days without seeing my children.  There are friends stopping by to give me food and water.  Everyone is scared to stay with me except my boyfriend and they are threatening him. Every night their are gunmen sleeping downstairs. I have to live in constant fear when I sleep at night.  I had a couple come to stay with us two nights.  They couldn’t believe the situation.  

“The people downstairs cut off our internet to make it harder to work.  When my friend confronted them about this they yelled and threatened, then went to the car and came back with a bag with a gun in it.  We were able to de-escalate the situation and put my friend to bed.”

You can read more of this on the website and plus the views of a lot of angry posters and replies from David Tyson and Rujiwan.

Parichart, also known as Kathy, or …. is a member of the ‘Women’s Will Power Phuket Charity Group’.

Rujiwan claims the house is hers, but actually it’s in another Thai name.

But first what is Gobal I Care, is it the  Global-I-Care Corporation which in 2009 registered assets of 58 million Thai baht?

(Reg: No: 010555212394) with David Tyson (30 %) and Khun Rujiwan Rujiwan  Pathumtavaphibal (69.95%)(both pictured left) as the main shareholders?)

Or is it GIC Reward Management, registered in the same year with 1 million baht capital -Rujiwan Pathumtavaphibal (61%),Mr. David Charles Tyson (19%).Mr. Ronald Douglas Kitterland (20%) – and no accounts filed to date.

Or even Rujiwan’s Global-I-Care (Thailand) with assets of 20 million Thai baht – all the above located in Ratchada Lake Tower in Bangkok.

Or  Global I-Care Gic Card Club Limited Partnership, registered in 2007 with 5 million baht capital at 28 Sukhumvit Soi 20, which has filed no accounts since 2008.

Confused? I certainly am. But then go to the court files.

On December 13, 2011 in Phuket Thai Am Properties Corporation Ltd filed a case of fraud against Rujiwan and Tyson, alleging that the two lied and concealed the truth in order to defraud it. ( Dec 19 2014 -Update this is the case finally making it to court)

Then on January 30, 2012, Siam Exclusive Laguna Co Ltd filed a case of criminal trespassing against Mrs. Rujiwan with the Phuket Police.  Named as joint defendants were Mr. David C. Tyson and Mr. Trond Indseth.  The company alleged that the three trespassed on property occupied by it and made threats against the property’s caretaker.  That’s the Kathy case again. Trond Indseth was Kathy’s boyfriend and the first person to have lost the house.

Trond (left) clearly disagrees with Kathy’s view that they had settled their affairs with him getting the ‘big house’ in Laguna and her the ‘small house’

In Phuket Tyson and Rujiwan are also being sued  in the civil courts for the same trespass by Thai Am properties 5 million damages in relation to failed mortgage repayments.  Let’s leave that.

But in Bangkok last September on September 4, 2011, Mr. Brian Tom filed a suit against Rujiwan, Petcharaporn Panupinthu, and Global I-Care Gic Card Club Ltd Partnership, demanding the return of assets worth THB 16,215,457.01.  The case is in the court system.

And earlier on December 20, 2010, Virgin BEC-Tero Co Ltd filed a breach of contract suit against Rujiwan and Global I-Care (Thailand) Co Ltd, alleging damages of THB 661,808.21, which was settled out of court. I would like to think singer Nicole got paid after all for her gutsy Gic performance.

Earlier on December 17, 2010, Bangkok Entertainment Co Ltd filed a breach of contract suit against Rujiwan and Global I-Care (Thailand) Co Ltd, demanding damages of THB 454,830.41.

The court’s ruling was in favour of Bangkok Entertainment Co Ltd.

Again on December 29, 2010, Data Products Toppan Forms Ltd sued Global I-Care (Thailand) Co Ltd and Global I-Care Corporation Co Ltd jointly for damages of THB 1,691,988.04 in a case alleging breach of sales/purchase agreement.  Again the Court ruled in favour of the complainant.

Part of the Phuket rap-sheet for Tyson, Rujiwan, and Trond (see below). But there’s a lot of counter-suing going on


It also appears Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank and the Bank of Ayudhya has also filed cases in the past against Rujiwan dating back to 1996 and awards have been made against her. It seems like banks have been throwing money at her.

Further Rujiwan has been brought to the Central Bankruptcy Court five time for debts totaling about 20 million baht. Her creditors – Bank of Ayudhya, Thai Military Bank, Bank of Asia, and the Global Thai Property Fund. But all cases were either dismissed or settled out of court.

Of course Rujiwan and Tyson might win all their current cases and but I am still having second thoughts not only about having a ‘Gik’ but also especially a ‘Gic’ card.

So let’s see who is connected to Global-I-Care?

Well the Chairman of Global-I-Care’s Advisory Board is that very same Trond Indseth who was allegedly with the gang trying to get Parichart out of that house in Phuket.

Trond is accused on the net of having been released by his previous employers (Tetra-Pak) for financial impropriety but I have no evidence that this is true.

Anyway I caught up with Trond Inseth. He claimed he had never given Parichart ‘Kathy’ a 16 million baht house.

But he had sold two houses to Rujiwan and and Tyson, the 16 million baht one and another for 17 million.

“I went to the land office with them in Thalang. I transferred the property they said they would transfer the money the same day. That was a year ago. I have received nothing and am taking them to court.

“They put the houses in the name of other Thais,” he added.

Well that sounds like a familiar story. Captain Peter Hay, a New Zealander, is a  Cathay Pacific Airlines pilot. I caught up with him in Anchorage where he was sipping a latte and reading the ‘Anchorage Daily’. The weather was cool at -12 degrees C.

Still by the time you read this I guess he will be baking in Dallas.

Peter Hay sold 50 per cent of ‘Skippers Bar and Restaurant’ in Phuket Royal Marina for shares in Global-I-Care. Whats worse is that he also sold them his 13 million baht marina condo.

“I went with them to the land office and transferred the ownership and they promised they would pay me the same day,” he said. “The condo is now in the name of the Thai.”

Peter also has not received a penny.

Its amazing how Australian David Tyson who has never had a permit to work in Thailand (as he has never had a non-immigrant visa) has been able to get all these directorships of Thai companies.

He has been in and out of Thailand like a yo-yo. He does not appear to have a fixed place of abode. So he will be difficult to catch up should he disappear.

In fact when I called his office staff said he was out of the country again.

But when you come back David, I am sure the Father Ray Foundation, will understand your oversight…… straight after your generous donation.

I think they take confessions there as well.

There’s something about the power of cash in Thailand, particularly it seems if you have cheated it out of someone else. Seems the police do not investigate.  But a less well off foreigner charged with passing a dud cheque can go to jail for three years or more.

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