Exposed! Thailand's 'Mr.Stig'

Coming tomorrow on .  He laughs in the face of danger.  He was stabbed by a Vietnamese bar owner in the hunt for Gary Glitter, stared down a ‘Chelsea headhunter’ as this site’s host was beaten to a pulp in Pattaya, and bravely sipped pina coladas in the pursuit of the Duke of York and the Spice Girls in the Amanpuri and Rayawadee .

He’s unstoppable in his quest for the truth. Tomorrow  the Flying Sporran exposes Thailand’s ‘Stig’  as he breaks his silence after coming face to face with pissed off back-packers on the River Kwai, or Kwae Noi.

Sorry. You’ll have to read this tomorrow. I was wetting the baby’s head last night!