Last night this website topped 250,000 readers in the last month which is worth having a small beer to celebrate. Today it also should top that amount. The counter resets itself each day at 7 am.

I think it will settle down at around this level. Good news all around. Although we are about three hundred on the list of most popular sites in Thailand I believe we are in the top five in English language news sites.

People come to this site because we actually report.  Alexa statistics show they stay on it longer than than both the Bangkok Post and Nation newspapers. People are confident in our news and investigations.

Our bounce rate is lower than both newspapers. That indicates that while more people currently click on the Post and Nation on a daily basis they click and scan and are off again while people clicking here on average stay 5.44 minutes.  (Bangkok Post 4.31 mins – Nation 3.08 mins).                                                            

Steve Mascari recently wrote in his report on Niels Colov the CEO of the Pattaya People Media Group – ‘If you ain’t making waves you ain’t paddling’.

Actually we are probably going fast on twin screws.  In a developing country this can create more than waves. One or two of our advertisers have been threatened by people exposed on this site.

We thank them for their support and for standing by us. And if anybody else out there wishes to show support with an ad don’t hesitate to contact us. Space is limited.

Meanwhile we want your stories. We WILL publish news and investigations you will not find elsewhere – and we WILL fight to defend the truth. The evidence is there in the Thai courts as time after time we are defeating people who are trying to close us down.

And we thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Relations Department of Thailand who have stood by us during these attacks.

This is however still a loss leading site. We make no money – advertising still exists to ease our burden. We have not finished fighting in the courts. We are there again tomorrow and we will win again but we still need help. Any contributions will be appreciated either clicking on the Paypal button here or by contacting us for local bank details.

Finally congratulations to Skippy Le Chihuahua who became our 250,000 poster. Skippy is an avid reader of this site and even came, wagging his tail to Pattaya Provincial Court, to lend his support, which included relieving himself against a car with a Lions Club badge on it.