( I could be Jack the Ripper but it woudn’t make any difference, says ‘Scary Guy’)

Having great fun this weekend reading Drew Noyes’ latest
anti-Andrew Drummond website www.andrewdrummondanddrewnoyes.com. (Caution a poster has mailed to inform me this site has a virus) Its a rabid missive penned from the hand of someone
who is clearly losing the plot. 
I’m apparently a  high
school educated neo-nazi. Not a public school educated former Nazi hunter. (no
big deal about the public school by the way). 
‘According to court records’,says Noyes, it’s
Me who is facing prison – not Drew Noyes who is in the courts on a charge of

I worked for the News of the World where ‘many of the
reporters have been sent to prison’ – Indeed I did but left on the Wapping
Picket line, let me see, er, 27 years ago!

Since which time I have worked for
the Observer, The Times, and Evening Standard (and I had a thoroughly good time
on the old broadsheet NoW).

Not many NoW reporters have been sent to prison by the way (one) but hopefully some executives will.

One of my front pages on sale on ebay – bidding Drew?

Drew Noyes is on the other hand has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism is a Member of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, Secretary of the Lions Club, Silom, member of the prestigious Siam Society, a Chevalier in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs,a Sir in the Knights of Rizal, a Founding Director of 
the Thailand Table Tennis Association, a patron of the Thailand Special Olympics, and  a licensed 
commodities broker etc.

Apparently I am on 20 different charges by eight
people.  Que? I don’t know where this
comes from. I have won all my cases and there is only one case left in court…and
that should be over soon.

He’s also got me down as having lost two libel cases against a gay businessman in Pattaya, which I won, claims the Bangkok Post gave evidence against me which of course they did not, and that I face five years in jail. Oh no – that case has now been dismissed.

No other cases against me have been even accepted as yet. Noyes will find on the other hand its his turn to go through the court. (Noyes, Goudie and Hanks are attempting cases in Koh Samui).

So who is Drew Noyes? Well he is an American who claimed he
came to Thailand by Royal Proclamation to save the country from an economic
crisis, who invested ill gotten gains in beer bars in Pattaya (He has a
US$72,000 judgment against him in San Jose). He then re-invented himself as an
American lawyer and makes his living out of unfortunate foreigners in trouble
in the resort city and is now being sued for millions of baht and up of course
on extortion charges.

But the funniest thing about the site is this.  He writes:

In 1996, Drew Noyes received approval to build a marina in
coastal North Carolina on an island south of Wilmington North Carolina. After
selling the proerty (sic) and the permits, Drew Noyes relocated to Thailand to
The Wilmington Star newspaper front page written by Scott
Gold praising Drew Noyes for his marina and housing develpment in North
carolina in 1996 can be seen at

Now of course that marina talk was a load of tosh.  It was a con. The Scott Gold, who wrote the
story, was soon to find out exactly who Drew Noyes was.  And Drew Noyes has provided the clue himself
because poor old Drew has shot himself in the foot again.
Having found the library of old editions of the Wilmington
Morning Star (which some will remember Drew Noyes claimed did not exist or was an April Fool’s joke) all we
had to do  was using his link search the newspaper for April 1 1995! – and there he is in his
full glory – the man of myriad lies!
My lawyers are killing themselves. Of course we have the cuttings, I have shown them here, but they came from the local library in North Carolina and don’t have all the officials stamps etc.  This is brilliant!

There it is in all its gory detail – Noyes fraudulent share
dealing, stealing of customers lists, harassment of women, myriad lies, ripping off other developers, using aliases.