‘Maybe we could get some financial support?’

Here’s our favourite American entrepreneur and, it seems, culture vulture on the trawl for cash, but he had a secret that he does not even want his cameraman to film.

He is seen here talking to the then Minister of Culture, Sukamol Khunpleum, who later handed over the position to her husband Sontaya Khunpleum.

The occasion was the birthday party of Somchai Khunpluem in ChonburI better known Kamnan Poh. variously the Godfather of Saen Suk, the Godfather of Chonburi, the Godfather of the East.

Kamnan Poh was meant to be hiding out in Cambodia. He had been sentenced to 25 years for conspiracy to murder and corruption – but actually he was in Chonburi all the time with the full knowledge of course of local police and government and local government officials…The movers and shakers of Chonburi…plus more than a few in Bangkok.

Kamnan Poh was arrested last January, four months after this party, attending the Srinakirn Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok but he has still barely seen the inside of a jail.

The secret party was of course not much of a secret. It seems most of Chonburi knew.

Anyway our favourite American Drew Noyes is a man on a mission. He had taken his videographer Ivan Schiffer along to film him hobnobbing with the rich and famous, the people of influence I guess he referred to whenever threatening troublemakers.

When the Minister of Culture comes along he is anxious to present her with his plan for a Cultural Society for Pattaya which he says he’ll make international.

I’m not sure if this Tennessee educated American want to introduce the Grand Old Oprey to Pattaya, or indeed how you can make Thai culture international – er, its THAI CULTURE. The Minister seems confused too  – but Drew presses ahead.

“Yeah um we’re starting a Pattaya Cultural Society to try and bring more cultural events to Pattaya. 

“Could I give you a presentation so maybe we can get some financial support and get your backing about this. It’s going to make this more international. 

 “Can I interview you? Just for 2 minutes, do you have a minute?  I’ll ask you easy questions. OK.” 

Now we are starting Kun Veer may I call you that? 

‘(Ladies and Gentlemen, We are with Khun Veer an excellent Minister of culture’.

Later he grabs a private moment. We can’t hear what he is saying, but he does not want an audience. Drew puts his hand in front of the camera.

Noyes’ television career bombed after this and he later reported his videographer to police for overstaying his visa. Schiffer was subsequently deported.

He is currently on trial with his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu for attempting to extort 7 million baht out of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien – in fact you might have seen this picture below. The trial also begins on February 4th of the happy couple, this time on a charge of cheating a Dutch businessman.

And now a clip from Drew Noyes’ Google + page showing him with, supposedly, his staff. Spot the former pimp. Then next time you spot the author of this site approach him and say: ‘Hello, I’m Chalky White and the pimp is …………………and I claim my 500 baht’.

Anyway it seems that someone thought about culture for Pattaya sometime before Drew. Chris and Dr. Tewi Gleeson of the TLS Language School  (A PLUG) are building this project outside the city. It’s coming along quickly now….the roof is going on..