Unlikely Bonnie and Clyde

Drew Walter Noyes an American confidence trickster who posed as a lawyer in Thailand was jailed for two years at Pattaya Provincial Court today for attempted extortion.

And with him to the cells went Wanrapa Boonsu (‘Kung’) his female sidekick who helped him play the big shot entrepreneur in the resort city.

Noyes, 59, and Boonsu, an unlikely Bonnie and Clyde, ran between them a series of projects by using a fake legal company and their Pattaya Times newspaper to cash in on foreigners investing in the Thai resort.

Noyes posed as a ‘friendly, reassuring and most credible businessman’ while Wanrapa played the part of his engaging companion and femme fatale.

They started an ‘Expats Club’, a branch of ‘Optimists International’.

They even set up a ‘Police’ website inviting people to report crimes direct to them.

They had been separated for years but put on a show of being husband and wife for business reasons.

But they were undone when the owner of a beauty clinic in their resort called their bluff.

Using Australian former brothel owner David Hanks as their emissary they set about a scheme to defraud the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of seven million baht and Hanks, 66, turned up at the clinic in Thappraya Road, Jomtien, seeking facial treatment.

Hanks told Australian Michael Goulet, a partner in the clinic, that he was formerly in the sex trade in Australia, that he knew the Chinese mafia, and that his boss (Noyes) wanted to see him to show how he could smoothly operate a clinic in Pattaya. That involved paying cash to Noyes.

When Goulet contacted Noyes he was told that he needed to pay seven million baht to stop a police raid on the premises, where, presumably, illegal substances would be found. Noyes said he was very well connected.

Mike Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu after their arrest in March 2012

But Goulet had checked out Noyes on the internet and found out his real background on   Together with his partner he called the police and a ‘sting’ operation was put into place.

Goulet recorded his calls and calls from Wanrapa to him telling him to hurry up with the cash. Then Pattaya police arranged for 100,000 baht to be put into a suitcase as a ‘down payment’.

Hanks, Boonsu and Noyes were all waiting in the Swedish owned ‘News Restaurant’ when Goulet arrived to make a down payment in March 2012 – when police pounced.  But they arrested only Noyes and Boonsu.

The Thonglor Clinic was indeed raided by officers of the Crime Suppression Division, but nothing illegal was found.

Stories on had highlighted Noyes dubious career in the United States, where he was exposed for dodgy property and share dealing, sexual harassment, and having a totally fake biography.

But Noyes’ and Wanrapa’s arrest for extortion almost finished it for them among the English speaking community in Pattaya.

The raid however did not deter Noyes and Boonsu and using their PAPPA Co Ltd, later the company One Stop Service Center, they continued to milk foreigners, who did not check Google, of their cash.

They have since settled with two victims, one who was enticed into buying condos of the National Housing Authority at twice their real price (but advertised as 40 per cent discounted) and another who gave Drew Noyes and Boonsu 2.5 million baht as a settlement to his girlfriend – The cash of course never reached the girlfriend.

Too well known in the English speaking community in Pattaya they turned to Russians and East Europeans  for a new source of income.  And Drew Noyes was able to produce scores of his old pictures of himself with police and local dignitaries to convince them of his high standing and ‘power’ in the local community.

Out of the offices of the One Stop Service Center Hanks, from Girvan, Scotland, was arrested by the DSI for racketeering. He was allegedly caught loaning money to Russians at 60 per cent per month.

And then Hanks and Noyes joined up with Scottish conman and former convict Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, from Falkirk, Scotland, who too was posing as a lawyer in Thailand – a British barrister and a former officer in Britain’s Royal Marines, and who had also been exposed on the andrew-drummond website as a fake.

Hanks, Noyes and Goudie

Between them the three men, who had become known as ‘The Three Stooges’ in sections of the local expat community, embarked on a series of frivolous court cases aimed at gagging Andrew Drummond and depriving him of his income using Thailand’s criminal libel laws and Computer Crime Act.

Fellow publisher Niels Colov of the Pattaya People had been to jail for pimping and other crimes in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro

Noyes and Wanrapa both
sued Drummond for using a picture of them with the caption ‘Going to Jail’ but
both lost even though they had been promised assistance by Neils Colov, of the Pattaya People, the leader of the local foreign police volunteers and also a former pimp in Copenhagen. And today that caption became all too true.

Masquerades – a tacky brothel in an industrial suburb of

The judged ruled that the Noyes-Boonsu defence, that the money was for advertising in their now defunct newspaper ‘The Pattaya Times’, was unbelievable, and ordered Noyes and Boonsu to be taken down.

There was no translator to translate the judgment and Noyes who had arrived at the court suited and smiling, attempted to address the court, but the court policeman, moved him towards the stairs in the well of the court saying: ‘You go now.”

Hanks the former owner of ‘ Masquerades’ brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, who was in court, left quickly after the verdict.

Mike Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic said he was delighted with the result.

“I have informed the Lions Club of Silom 310D branch what has happened to their President.”
Andre Machielsen, who has clashed with Noyes in the courts added: “Splendid. This decision has given me goose bumps”.

Said Andrew Drummond: “That’s two down and two to go. The others are going shortly I hope.”

This afternoon on Noyes Facebook site seemingly cocking a snook at the Pattaya Court he wrote: “Having a great day eating pizza and spending time with the children.”

Noyes is expected to seek bail and appeal.

Update: Noyes was bailed in the sum of 300,000, Wanrapa was bailed in the sum of 250,000 baht.

Footnote: A criminal case brought against Brian Goudie alleging that while he and his company Alba Laws pocketed funds award to three clients by Pattaya Court was adjourned until December 29th. Goudie had failed to show.



Fighting Thailand’s expat crooks


(Who is waiting to be interviewed by them)

Footnote: 29-10-2014. Today – the day after – Drew Noyes pasted on his Facebook Page the following

The rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated! It’s good they have anti-corruption police in Thailand to investigate and correct injustices.

The caption should of course read: “Huh. How come I’m not in the Bangkok Post?” Does he really believe he was corruptly convicted?  Well he is out to lunch at Tara Court!

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