While Brian Goudie’s lawyer seemed a trifle embarrassed in
court in Pattaya yesterday – and years older than his last appearance – and had
to leave the court several times to use his phone to ‘get instructions’ there
is widespread speculation as to what our errant ‘barrister’
will do.
The dream team of Drew Walter Noyes, David Hanks, and Goudie
appears to have broken up. Noyes is seeking work from Russians and East Europeans,
something which might hasten his downfall. He is also looking for a nanny,
which suggests he might be running out of wives.  
Hanks is no longer cocky in court. He usually ‘accidentally’
stamps on my feet or bumps into me with his belly and almost kisses me with his
face to face confrontations. There is some doubt as to whether he will turn up as Noyes’s star witness in his extortion case.
Will Goudie run or surrender himself to the authorities and
face the court. Where will he go? Hong Kong, Bonnie Scotland or Cambodia.
Hong Kong is where he banked cash from an earlier ‘business
deal’ which left a lot of investors in Koh Samui out of pocket. Scotland does
not seem a likely option as he is pretty famous now there too with stories
having been run about him in the Scotsman, Daily Record and Sunday Mail.
Cambodia is an option if moves to have him blocked by Thai
immigration click in – but he’ll have to walk or swim across a quiet part of the
border – but there are many readers of this site in Cambodia too and his
presence would be reported quite quickly.
But in Thailand he may want to cash in those pieces of real
estate. The former Jaggie Thistle in Jomtien Plaza might attract many buyers.
It’s in the centre of a new gay area of Pattaya and the pink baht has always
been strong.  The owners of the Ganymede
hotel guest house have converted identical units into a very well designed pool
resort. He might even try to use the title deed for bail.
Bang Kao Bay Residences is more of a problem. Nominally the
man in charge of this imaginary project is Pattaya’s  ‘Mr. Charity’ Kevin Fisher.  It’s not a popular area of Koh Samui. It has
a beach one cannot swim off.  The sand
turns to mud which stretches a hundred yards out to sea and Bang Kao Bay is miles from
Goldie at Bang Kao Bay
Again both these addresses are owned by a series of
companies – none of which seems to have complied with Thai laws –  and of course the majority Thai shareholders
can no longer be counted on – unless they are paid  a heavy incentive.
How long will his money last? Well he has taken millions of
baht off unfortunate customers of Alba Laws – but he does not appear to be
doing any business.

Jaggie Thistle
Right now it’s anybody’s guess. But from where I am standing
it certainly looks like those cases he is bringing against me for using photo-shopped
pictures of him as a baby, a barrister, a Royal Marine, a bottomless leather
pants clad participant in a gay parade, and a remand prisoner, look like they
are going up in his own hot air.
As for hiding places in Thailand. Well he could either go to Udorn Thani or Prachuap Khiri Kan province.

Koh Samui, his favourite bolt hole is not looking so rosy at the moment

The final option, which of course I forgot to mention earlier, is that, if he has not gone already, he could continue to bluff it out, come out with the bail money and play the game until the last possible minute. That would be in character – but I believe the courts will also call his bluff.

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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