(PIC – Norbert back left Jurgen back right – Suthep Thaugsuban front right

Controversial German property developer Norbert Verweyen has been ordered to surrender to Bangkok Criminal Court to pay bail on May 18th as expats,  who bought property from him in Koh Samui begin to retaliate for years of court actions and alleged threats against them,

Both Verweyen and his partner Jurgen Messner are being sued for criminal libel by a British resident of Koh Samui, Emma Derbyshire in case no 1301/2556.

Verweyen had taken some 87 cases against foreign property buyers on Koh Samui who bought off his  Coconut Village and Coconut Grove companies. He also attempted six times to bring charges against owners in the Santi Thani estate but each time the cases were dismisse.

The would appear to make Verweyen Thailand’s most vexatious foreign litigant topping even American Drew Noyes and his associates, who have brought in excess of 20 cases against this site.

Just as this site is fighting back so now are the expats in Koh Samui and more cases are expected.

The criminal libel in Bangkok is a counter claim and relates to libels allegedly made on the internet by Vorweyen.

The expats have made a conscious decision to avoid Koh Samui court.  Verweyen claims the support of influential people and police on the island.

Verweyen appears to be selling the villa he is currently living in due to ‘unforseen circumstances’ according to this ad on the right from ‘Real Eastet’ magazine.

The company ‘OK Properties’ by the way is not a company registered in Thailand.

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