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Thailand’s most famous ‘fake lawyer’ Brian Goudie,  a former jail bird also known as Brian Goldie has announced he is suing Google Inc. and Google Thailand in what he describes as a ‘David and Goliath’ landmark case.

Using pictures stolen from Google and placed on his Google.Blogspot site the Scottish former convict who did time in Hakea Prison, Western Australia, says he is filing cases in Bangkok Criminal Court in Thailand on behalf of himself, American #DrewNoyes, and #DavidHanks.

Not only that but he will be pursuing cases in Australian, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and never mind the expense.

He has, he says, recruited a top internet expert, so I am assuming its the same guy who taught Jimmy Savile’s chauffeur.

Goudie announced:“Over the past few weeks, my friends David Hanks, Drew Noyes and I have been subjected to an incredible campaign of internet harassment, and we have decided to take decisive action to put a stop to it. 

“David, Drew and I have had articles posted on the internet, then swathes of disgraceful comments are made by anonymous posters. These posters hide behind internet profiles with made up names.”

Goudie falsely claimed to be a
barrister and officer in the
Royal Marines

He also states:

Fake Facebook profiles, fake WordPress blogs, fake Blogger sites, fake Google Plus profiles – the lot! 

“It comes under the umbrella name of ‘internet harrassment’ or ‘cyber harrassment’. It is a criminal offence in most countries, but difficult to identify offenders”.

The 47-year-old Scot, who had a warrant of arrest issued against him in Scotland for a fraud against the Bank of Scotland in 1994 and who was jailed for six years in Australia in 2002 for stealing AUS$400,000 plus from his employee, seems unable to see the irony of his action.

He does not name any of the alleged fake sites. But here we do not hide.

Brian Goudie at the moment operates and

He creates blogspot sites to commit extensive libels and removes them at will. Currently he is libeling a former client, who he conned into believing he was an actual lawyer, whom he reported to the police when he heard a warrant was out for his arrest. His client was actually found not guilty at his trial after getting a real lawyer and has been released by Thailand’s Supreme Court.(See Letter Below)

He does not appear to understand irony. Using pictures lifted from ‘Google’ of Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin and of course the owner of this site he announces action against them.

You can watch this video to see how he set up his client Ian Tracy, who was arrested on a charge of child sexual in a case of mistaken identity. He tells two other clients (who are later to bring a case against him too) how she shopped Tracey to police. He never told Tracey of course and expressed horror at his arrest and said he would get him out of jail deliberately bothching the appeal.

But Goodie is no lawyer. He is an internet warrior and fraudster who has been harassing people in exactly the way he accuses of others of doing.

Opening titles on ‘Serial Swindlers’

Goudie, who is currently the subject of one documentary in a 13 part series called ‘Serious Swindlers’  trawled the courts and Pattaya prison looking for clients.

In a criminal case in Pattaya he has had to hand back a condominium he conned out of a client in lieu of his ‘barristers’’ fees.  In another case at the moment in the same court he has been charged with defrauding a 75-year old American woman out of 7.9 million Thai baht and is trying to pay back from the proceeds of another client Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

His Google blogspots sites include: and in the past which copies the format of this site and contains stories merely detailing  actions he and his friends were taking.

With Drew Noyes he also operates which allege Drummond is a criminal and his press credentials have been removed in Thailand. Both Goudie and Noyes are subject to legal action.

#BrianGoudie previously took two cases against Andrew Drummond but failed to turn up in court. They were in relation to a story Drummond wrote which was published in the Sunday Mail in Scotland. He claimed he was suing the Sunday Mail but he did not of course as he did not have a case.

#DrewNoyes has a wide variety of blogspot sites. They include and All could be subject to libel proceedings if people could be bothered.

#DrewNoyes was exposed in the United States of America by the Morning Star newspaper in North Carolina (see pages and 1 and 3) before coming to Thailand where he too advertised himself as a lawyer.

He is currently on trial for extortion, together with his wife #WanrapaBoonsu, of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, allegedly demanding 7 million baht to stop a police raid on their premises, and subsequent bad publicity in his now defunct ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper.

Noyes and Wanrapa on their arrest for extortion

He claims he has sold the paper but there have been no buyers. His newspaper remains on the internet and is a compendium of stories libeling his perceived enemies.  He is also in the civil court accused of defrauding Dutchman #Theovanderschaaf out of 2.5 million Thai baht…more than £50,000.


David John Hanks, 66, is the former licence holder of the #Masquerades Brothel in Melbroune, Australia.

Out of 15 cases brought against him by Noyes, Goudie and #DavidHanks, Drummond has lost one. This does not relate to anything he wrote but to a poster who called Hanks a ‘pimp’.

This is being appealed on the grounds among others that the word pimp was mistranslated in Thai and having been shown the documents from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission he was forced to admit he was indeed the former owner of the brothel.

Hanks is now on police bail along with four others after a DSI investigation into racketeering in Pattaya. He is accused of money lending to Russians at 60 per cent per month.

Goudie seems buoyed by the recent European court ‘Right to be Forgotten’ case in which the court ruled should delete links to the fact that a Spaniard owed money years ago to someone – but the matter had been resolved.  The court did however rule that the original article could stay.

This of course cannot be compared to a journalist investigating the dubious pasts of people who come to Thailand and fake their own backgrounds to fool other foreigners.

Nevertheless it is going to be a ruling which will be challenged worldwide.

However Goudie says:

” We are extremely fortunate to have been offered assistance by a well know ‘internet consultant’ who has had running battles with Google for some time, and his involvement will be announced later in the month as the proceedings start to move.

The proceedings in Thailand are just the start, tandem proceedings are expected in the US, UK and Australia – we are going to be busy. (Well there is at least one country here Goudie will not be going back to)

And before Drummond and his supporters start screaming and cackling – yes we know what we are doing, and who we are taking on, and how much money they have.

In fact, one of the lawyers laughed this morning and said this will be a real David (Hanks) and Goliath battle.” (but he still took the money)

Goudie, alias #BrianGoldie then uses an illustration acquired in a Google search of, er, David and Goliath. But its hard to see the obese Hanks as a diminutive David.

He is in internet trouble himself. A former girlfriend and employee has lodged a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division alleging that he posted pictures on the internet of a pornographic variety – taken while they were a couple.

Goudie has not answered those complaints. However in relation to anothet ex-girlfriend whose pictures he has put on the net of her kissing him he says on his

“The photos were posted when we were together! They are ours, we are entitled to post them
xxxx is a fantastic girl, just has had a few ‘blips’ in her path in life before she met me – but if she ever needs anything she knows who to ask”.

She has now rid herself of the big blip in her life.


*Serial Swindlers: The Dumb Swindler Who Fooled Thailand.

Sgt Glenn Lammonby

In the series ‘Serial Swindlers’ the programme makers although starting and ending in Thailand make much good use of material obtained in Australia with some remarkable comments from a former girlfriend.

Most of the swindlers in the series however appear to be a lot smarter then Goudie. Many make millions and get to spend them.

Goudie had to give back cash and a cabin cruiser in Australia as well as doing time, then a condo in Bangkok to Briton John Jepson, and now he is having to give back his former ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub to get off charges of fraud and embezzlement in Pattaya brought by 76-year-old Barbara Fannelli Miller, while remaining totally unaware of some outside forces at play.

Promo for the ‘Serial Swindlers’ * series already
broadcasting in North America

A hilarious moment comes when an ex-girlfriend
 talks about the green beret he cherished and his old war wound in his groin. His reaction to anyone who might suggest he had done something wrong was great indignancy ‘How dare he?’

Australian police did not think his theft from Fluor Daniel – a mining company – was very smart. It did not require much detective work. He just altered and put company cheques into his own bank account! Duh!

An ex-girlfriend recalled that as long as she reminded him how smart he was the relationship was fine, but the moment she questioned his intelligence and called him stupid there was hell to pay. Remember this policeman above Brian?  Rating ****



AND FINALLY A LETTER FROM IAN TRACY – Another client mentioned above whom Goudie, posing as a barrister took to the cleaners: This letter has had to be edited. Ian Tracey spent eight months in custody after Goudie shopped him to police for an offence he did not commit. He is understandably angry.

Out and out liar

I read with incredulity the pile of xxxx written by Brian Goudie this morning. He has very carefully selected small pieces of information, left out huge important bits and written what he knows is a complete pack of lies. There you go Brian. You are an out and out liar. Sue me!

I feel it is appropriate to publish a few truths on this matter. In December 2007 the court formally found me Not Guilty of any wrongdoing, in what Brian called “one of the most damning judgments against the police” he had ever read. 
In this I proved that I was not the person in the original arrest warrant, with the police unable to provide any explanation of why they had arrested a person with a different name from that on the warrant.
I further provided witnesses proving I was in a bar the entire evening. I also proved that the motorbike the police said I was driving that night wasn’t rented by me until four days later.

Arrested wrong person. ‘I’ll get you 20m baht’

The boy involved testified that the police had arrested the wrong person.

Brian knew all of this and (in his fake guise as a barrister) offered to sue the police for me for 20 Million Baht, for wrongful arrest, fabrication of evidence and perjury.

I had previously been unable to find a lawyer who would sue without me having to part with a couple of million baht, so I gratefully accepted. Any suggestion by Brian that he doesn’t know all of the details or if I was innocent is utter bullxxxx.

He duly collected the case file from the court and sent me an sms saying “you have a problem.” He informed me that eleven months previously the appeal court had overturned the original verdict and sentenced me to four years. This was primarily because I had not turned up at court. 

Neither I or my lawyer had received any notification of proceedings. The documents showed that numerous summonses had been sent to an address I had not lived at since June 2007. 

I gave Brian copies of my leases confirming this. There was real stupidity at work here. EMS had returned several, “unable to deliver, No longer at this address.”

Court officials went to the house and were told the house had been empty for three years. So what did they do? they posted a summons on the wall of the house and told the appeal court I had been informed! Thai law very clearly states that this is not a lawful practice when the person is not a permanent resident and citizen of Thailand. 

Compounding the stupidity was the fact that the summonses were being sent with an incorrect name. John Charles, not Ian Tracey. I highlight that I had been visiting Soi 9 and Banglamung Police statiions three times a week giving food and water to prisoners with the Hand to Hand Charity, which I would not have been doing if I had knowingly evaded court. Brian knew this well.

Now comes the fun part. Brian told me not to worry, and that he would swiftly sort this matter out. 
However, at the time there was an American lady here named Barbara Miller, whose son was in jail facing offences against the son of his girlfriend, four days after their relationship fell apart. I had been advising Mrs. Miller not to part with any money other than to the court for bail or for fully itemised lawyer bills.

‘Wanted to rob her blind’
This made me inconvenient, as Brian wanted to rob her blind. Thats right Brian, you are a thief as well as a liar.

He went to police and had them arrest me and throw me in jail to get me out of the way, and entered a rubbish appeal (while pretending to be my friend. At the time I did not know it was Goudie who told police) that was guaranteed to keep me out of the way while he robbed her of 9 Million Baht. 

His effort that did not provide any of the documents I had provided prevented my normal lawyer from being able to enter anything himself. The result was I spent 16 months in jail for something I hadn’t done and had been found not guilty of!

Brian knows all of this. The rubbish he wrote on his blog of “I don’t know if Mr. Tracey is innocent etc.” is just that.
 I went to jail simply because Brian is a lowlife, backstabbing piece of filth. Yes Brian, you are truly a xxxx Sue me you Dog.
I am certainly suing you now. You moan that people write xxx about you and post it on the net. Given that the Supreme Court has overruled the judgment against me, posting that verdict ion the net contravenes what you are moaning about. Recognise this Brian? You wrote it. 
“Google are being sued as a ‘service provider’, for allowing third parties to post unlawful material, and failing to remove it when notified – this is a criminal offence in Thailand under Thailand’s tough Computer Crimes Act in fact it is a criminal offence in most countries.” 

“What you did to me Brian was an act about as low as it is possible to do. You had pretended to be my friend, yet you destroyed my life just so you could rip someone off. You deserve very nasty xxx to happen to you, and I pray it arrives soon and lasts a long, long time”.
Ian Tracey

This story is verified by Goudie’s former assistant.

Now see here how Goudie distorts this story

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