‘Grubby Rooms I Can Bare. Grubby Staff – No!’

Here’s some news to start off the day – The Southern Hotels Association according to PBS News wants a hand in controlling the tourists who come to Thailand. 

The organization wants ‘quality’ or ‘high spending’ tourists – ‘at an appropriate level to match the capacity with accommodation’ but then goes on to say of 70,000 hotel rooms available on Phuket – 60 per cent are illegal – and the Northern Hotels Association says that 60 per cent are illegal too.

Either this is a drive for new members, or if tourists are struck down by a death virus – there is no one to turn to.

That’s all very well but are not these associations leaving out the thousands of places which are not three to five star – and need customers too.

These include those mafia run places where the staff are greedy and lecherous and the bed-bugs are just downright greedy.

Do they intend to means test tourists and ask the same questions British immigration for incoming Thais?


The Southern Hotels Association has suggested that the number of tourists visiting Phuket in the future should be kept at an appropriate level to match with the capacity of accommodation.
Mr Krisda Tansakul,  president of the Southern Hotels Association, said today (Thursday) the idea of controlling the number of tourist arrivals in Phuket was floated at a recent meeting with Mrs Kobkarn Wattanawarangkun, minister of tourism and sports.
He said that idea was meant to screen tourist arrivals with emphasis on “quality” or high-spending tourists.

A review for a currently very controversial resort on Koh Tao – probably not part of the Southern Hotels Association

He pointed out that Phuket was overwhelmed with tourists many of them arriving in tour groups and, hence, prompting a surge of illegal and inexpensive hotels to accommodate the budget tourists often leading to price cutting.

Mr Krisda disclosed that many four-star hotels which are popular among tourists have slashed their prices down to approximate 2,500 baht per day in order to remain competitive with 3-star hotels.
There are 70,000 hotel, service apartment and condominium rooms in Phuket but 60 percent of them are illegal, said Mr Krisda.
Mrs La-iad Bungseethong, president of the Northern Hotels Association, said that 60 percent of hotels in Chiang Mai are illegal and they have engaged in fierce price cutting to outdo one another to attract customers.