HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 – Man who ‘lost 130 million’ found in Bangkok Hideaway

Well – A Happy New Year – to readers of this site. Now back in town with the kids and normal service will be resumed. Since I last posted I appear to have chased a major wanted British figure from his hide-away in Bangkok. More of that later.

And meanwhile instead of the beach (one day only)  I have been revisiting friends out of town and have found the perfect jungle hideaway.

Have been waking up to deer, flying peacocks, and rabbits at my front door.

It’s been like a scene out of ‘Bambi’ or ‘Snow White’ and the kids have loved it.

In fact that was one of the best breaks I have ever taken with Annie Pannie, Mad Matt, and Archie Bargie. I might even bore you all with a picture.

Meanwhile this site will be gearing up in the New Year. Tackling old crims and introducing you to new ones and we will be showing how Gangland Britain is influencing the Thai Crime scene.

Plus Lots Lots More.