The ‘Rich Kids Incident’ – Eight Months On 
A Valentine’s Day Message

As the case against two young Chinese-American rich kids for the brutal attack on Australian Jack Hansen-Bartel drags on in the Samui Courts with attempts by Thai police to even charge the victim, his mother is not holding back.

A long term expat (Jack was educated at the New International School of Thailand)  Anne Hansen had a considerable shock last year when she came to face with justice Samui style – but which is replicated elsewhere.

Jack her son was brutally attacked in the Green Mango Club in Soi Green Mango in Chaweng Beach. This is part owned by the police but the law and order enforcement  policy there is to let foreigners beat the hell out of each other.

Jack was attacked and knocked unconscious.  Police caught the assailants Raymond Chang and Ryan Wang – from the Shanghai American School – (they do not deny the incident just the circumstances) but later when the millionaire Chinese father of one of them arrived, the ball game changed and Jack found himself the victim of a Samui police enquiry.

In their investigation, Samui police, as is often the case in Thailand, missed the most vital piece of evidence, the CCTV recordings (from several cameras).  Luckily, this vital evidence was acquired quickly by Jack’s mother showing what really happened that fateful evening.

Claims that Jack was molesting a Japanese-New Zealand student called Tiffany Turner – the squeeze of Ryan Wang went straight out of the window.  So did claims that Jack was in anyway aggressive.

Still the conspiracy continued. As is often the case in Thailand the innocent were pursued and the attempt to pursue the rich defendants has been costing the mother considerable time and money.

The Koh Samui police seemed to have the funds to send an officer up to Bangkok to interview Jack – the cost of which alone would be more than ten times the penalty for what they interviewed him about – common assault – and which he denied.

Not surprisingly Annie Hansen does not believe in the Thai police not where rich people are concerned.

A fund has been set up to help pay Jack’s hospital bills.

But Annie had this to say on the site:

Happy Valentines Day !
I hope that this update is read by those people who attempted to take my sons life in the early hours of the 10th Of June.

Jack was brutally beaten that night and left for dead by his two attackers Raymond Tony Chang and Ryan Yunshang Wang. Thereafter through his pain and concussion and struggling for breath and to walk himself out of the area where he was attacked, he was then threatened with a tazer by the self proclaimed “owner of the soi” and threatened with a bottle whilst struggling on the ground and struggling to breathe by British Manager of a another bar where my son had had the misfortune to finally collapse in front of, into the gutter. 

I thank his childhood friends who, with their own bodies, protected Jack from both these ‘good and kind samaritans’ whilst they pleaded for them not to hurt Jack further. Thank you both for not hurting my son more. 

However, this is a letter of gratitude specifically for two people whom were to become the centre of his life, potentially for many years to come. To those two people thank you for not killing my son, for not taking his life. 

This is a letter of gratitude to strangers that have impacted our lives so immensely to this very day we on what is is Valentines Day. 


As you both celebrate Valentines Day with your loved ones please spare a thought for Jack as I sit beside him administering medication, preparing soft foods for his ingestion and assisting him to eat. 

Whilst he cries in pain today, please cast your mind to that night and how kind you were to spare him. How kind you were to leave him with surgery after surgery in the process of his painfully debilitating mouth reconstruction. 

I wish to share with all Jacks friends family, Raymond Tony Chang, Ryan Yunshang Chang and Tiffany Mariko Turner what our Valentines Day is like this year. These Valentines pictures are almost 8 months to the day from the attack. 

The brutality in these pictures I have just taken is a marked improvement on what we have suffered through at your hands. The initial pictures are I’m afraid far too brutal to publish and have only been poured over by the three surgeons that are tasked with Jacks reconstruction, the legal team, Interpol and 60 Minutes. 

The Forensics institute of Thailand ( in the months following the attack ) while their committee was putting together a picture as to exactly what had happened to Jack that night, advised us that Jack could easily have died that night. 


If he had fallen just one centimeter off the way he fell when attacked, if the two punches to the mouth he sustained by way of a weapon had come from a higher angle and pushed his nose into his brain. 

He also could have possibly ended up a paraplegic. 

Thank you to Raymond and Ryan that he did not and that you ran away immediately after, as I have watched you flee from the stage area with Tiffany Turner ,heartbreakingly countless times since. 

Today I wish to pass our gratitude into the Universe for your not taking my sons life.
And, may I add, as woman I would like to pass my deepest thanks to the sexual partner of Ryan Yushang Wang, Ms Tiffany Mariko Turner for lying to police when advising that my son had ‘molested’ her.

The details that she described against the 6 hours of actual footage from three cameras thankfully in NO WAY resembles her version of events. 

Wang – centre

I do not thank you for using the actual and real experience of women the world over in such a trivial, trite and manipulative way. 

Women struggle to cope with such cases of molestation and these instances stay with them for their entire lives. Your willingness to demean these women’s plights for your own purposes is demeaning to us all as women. 

Ryan ( @ryrywang) Raymond, Tiffany Mariko Turner (@tiffooo) I wish you all the Valentines Day that you deserve. 

And again thank you for sparing my son and not taking my sons life.

Jack this week underwent the latest in a series of surgery and corrective surgery treatments


The two American Chinese are being allowed to attend court during their holidays from their University semesters. Raymond Wang is for instance at Cornell. To hear the evidence on normal cases can take years – but when the students are not available for most of the year – double the time at least. The father of Raymond Chang insists that his son ( an attender of a church group) is innocent. With all witnesses this case could now run as long as the ‘Royal Decorations case’ which was over 20 years during which half the defendants and half the witnesses went to see their maker. The witnesses are young so hopefully will not die of old age during testimony – but even if found guilty Wang and Chang can – and will probably –  go to appeal. If Annie Hansen Bartel pulls out of the prosecution and leaves it just to police, anything could happen., But anything could happen anyway. The most likely scenario is that she will in the end not have the cash available to pursue this case…and Chang and Wang will walk.  Raymond  Nobu Chang senior is currently studying at the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.