Thailand’s most famous fake barrister Brian Goudie, aka Brian Goldie, is claiming to have had a heart attack as the days of reckoning on a number of cases being brought against him loom up.

Last week he surrendered to bail in Koh Samui after an another arrest warrant was issued against him in relation to defrauding some US$250,000 from 76-year-old American woman Barbara Fanelli Miller, posing as British barrister and former Royal Marine officer.

He walked off with the cash she had put up for her son’s bail a mere US$10,000 and charged her the rest in fraudulent legal fees while paying a Thai lawyer 5000 baht a day.

He has already lost a civil case and other action has been taken against him but at the rate her lawyer is playing the game Barbara will be long past the pearly gates before she gets a result.

#BrianGoudie has been complaining about his heart problems on his Facebook page and even put up a spectacular display of a seizure in court in the Miller case.  I am afraid to say this is all rather ham acting, despite the fact that he shows a picture of medicine on Facebook.

He joins his fellow fake lawyer #DrewNoyes who has claimed testicular cancer and piles, or at least something which requires a special cushion from him when he attends court. Another of Noyes’s ailments is ‘jet lag’.

Noyes cushion

Goudie failed to appear in court yesterday to face charges brought by his former partner, a woman who he describes as a prostitute, and whom, after falling out he humiliated on the internet by posting pictures of her giving him oral sex, which he took on his smart phone.

This is of course a much worse offence than that committed by the British judges who recently were found watching internet porn between Sessions.

He is also charged with faking documents setting this woman up as the boss of his former ‘Jaggie Thistle’ pub in Jomtien just after it was raided and found not to have the appropriate drinks licence. He then wrote a story on his CasewatchAsia blog saying this woman was charged with running a brothel.

Goudie is now being consoled on his sick bed, or rather down the pub, by a bar girl from Surin and plans to open a bar called ‘The Key’.

Thai woman gives statement on how Goudie put porno pictures of her on the internet. Pattaya Police did not action.

He has brought charges under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act against me for publishing pictures lampooning him as a barrister and an officer in the Royal Marines.

Publication of pictures lampooning Goudie as a barrister
and marine are illegal in Thailand it seems

I have not attended of course because I am not wasting time and lawyers’ fees to fly to Koh Samui to pay bail or answer answer charges which quite clearly are not legal in most jurisdictions in the world and which when I win I will have to spend years getting my costs back if ever.

Further if I decided to counter-sue would have to make endless flights from the UK as his ‘heart seizures’ continued in the hope of getting my money back in ten years’ time such is Thailand’s dysfunctional legal system.

Goudie and Noyes (see his story tomorrow) are now boasting that with ten computer criminal libel arrests warrants against me they can seek ‘extradition’ from the UK.

They are going to have to go some to get ten.

And then they should read the statement by the European Union, supported by the British Government and backed by the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand condemning these actions against me…and then try and offer evidence in a British extradition court.

Goudie is in court again tomorrow in Pattaya. Hope his ticker can take it.  I’ll be in the Dog and Duck.

From the Vejthani Hospital – Bangkok – that’
s definitely the same date of birth for the Brian who was jailed for six years for theft in Australia

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