Former brothel owner David Hanks, former partner of extortionist Drew Noyes and con-man and fake lawyer Brian Goudie, has taken over as the front man to extort foreign prisoners in Pattaya jail.


Both Noyes and Goudie have both been given jail sentence then bail to appeal them, Noyes for extortion for which he received a jail sentence of 2 years reduced on appeal to 18 months, and Goudie three years for posing as a lawyer to defraud a 78-year-old American woman out of US$300,000.

Barbara Fanelli Miller from Madison, Wisconsin, had handed over the cash to Goudie believing he was, as he claimed, a qualified British barrister and former office in the Royal Marines, who could represent her son, Ian, a teacher, who had been arrested on alleged child sexual abuse charges and was in Nong Plalai prison, Pattaya.
She did not know Goudie was a con man, for whom an arrest warrant had been issued for a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland, and who had been jailed in Australia for stealing some AUS£400,000 from a Perth mining company.

So, naturally ignoring the guarantee he gave to get her son home to the United States, he pocketed the cash including her son Gregory Miller’s bail. 

Miller,45, subsequently died on his way to hospital* from prison where he had not received treatment for an ongoing heart condition.

Not surprising, and because he conned other clients and prisoners, even shopping them to authorities as their lawyer when convenient, Goudie does not have a good reputation in Nong Plalai the local prison in Pattaya.

So recently the man acting as the prisoners’ saviour has been fellow Scot David Hanks, from Girvan,Ayrshire, or Melbourne, Victoria,  depending on which passport he uses, who was last year acquitted by the Pattaya Court of racketeering.   

Goudie of course with outstanding warrants and friends of old lags chasing him, cannot be seen. But he still needs the cash to survive.

Hanks and Goudie – swindler Scots

Jaggie Thistle

So, David Hanks started up a new company giving the address as Goudie’s former ‘Jaggie Thistle’ bar in the Jomtien Complex, Pattaya.  

The ‘Jaggie Thistle’ had been acquired by Goudie from, of course, former Northern Ireland drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday, who Goudie was representing in an assault case.

Halliday had been imprisoned and while in ‘Nong Plalai’ had contracted the flesh easting disease ‘necrotising fasciitis’.  Goudie promised to get him out of jail. And indeed, he did manage to get him to the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital promising him full treatment.

But it would have been a massive disadvantage to Goudie to have Halliday out of hospital and a free man. 

Halliday, was not missed as he had dumped his family in Belfast leaving nothing for the Serious Organised Crime Agency to get under the Proceeds of Crime Act, He invested his ill-gotten gains in property in Pattaya.  

But the hospital was not paid a 1-million-baht bill presented to Goudie as his representative.  Goudie came away with Halliday’s thumb print on a Power of Attorney which gave Goudie rights over his two View Talay apartments and the ‘Blarney Stone’ pub, which duly re-opened under the name ‘Jaggie Thistle’. 

Goudie, who is on bail appealing the Miller fraud and embezzlement case, has had more warrants issued for fraud and revenge porn charges brought by his former Thai girlfriend (who he made Managing Director of Jimi International, the holding company for the Jaggie) and for defrauding two Brits and a German by pocketing a court awarded payment to them. He now technically runs the Gifts Me Key Company, which owns the premises of the Jaggie., now the Key Bar. All Goudie’s assets are subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

The new managing director is his current amour Jiraphan Mutsopha another former bar girl who is hoping for her loyalty reward. But now Hanks is also using the premises as his address and Pattaya’s new bail bondsman.

Unfortunately, Australian Jacob Jade Davies, 41, will not find Hanks anyway near this place. Davies was on bail appealing a drugs conviction when he was arrested for another drugs infringement possessing a small amount of ganja.  Normally that would be dealt with by a quick fine. But he was banged up straight away.

That was a very unfortunate spliff. As Hanks had put Davies’ 800,000 baht (AUS$30,365) bail money under his own name and applied for the cash back.   When Davies asked Hanks for it, he was told. ‘I’m sorry I had a heart attack. I had to give it to the hospital for my treatment.’

Hanks is not going to do on the short list of criminals that I could admire for their balls. From exploiting Thai women in his Masquerades Brothel, Melbourne, to petty insurance fraud, to backing up Drew Noyes in his attempted 7-million-baht extortion of the Thonglor Clinic Jomtien, and the attempted shake down of American Bill Monson (ABOVE) while posing as a lawyer with Falkirk born Goudie, his ventures into the underworld rank him in the lowest class of villain.

Mike Mitchell hold up picture of Hanks and identifies him as person who posed as a lawyer to attempt to defruad his friend
Bill Mondson – one time business partner of former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

But of course, if these Scots get banged up then they will have to cover each other’s backsides on the other side of the bars. 
The thought of course is hilarious. Unfortunately, this is Pattaya Provincial Court we are talking about, Girvan Sheriff Court.