Drew Noyes In Custody – updated

Noyes Bails Himself Out

January 24 2011
Exclusive by Mangus Evans
A seemingly unhappy Drew Noyes, publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ was placed in custody at Pattaya Criminal Court today after he pleaded not guilty to libeling a Thai-Dutch businessman and former colleague on the committee of the Pattaya City Expats Club.

Mr. Noyes was placed in the cells below Pattaya Criminal Court pending his bail application. He later lodged 50,000 Thai baht bail and was released after the case was adjourned for trial.

Mr. Noyes alleged on an internet site that Thai-Dutch businessman Andre Machielsen was a drugs trafficker.

Lawyers were unable to serve Noyes with another writ for libel in a case being brought by a retired U.S. commercial pilot in court in Las Vegas as he apparently snuck out the back door of the court.

Noyes ,55, who describes himself as the most endearing, reliable, re-assuring foreign businessman to have made Thailand his home, and  who claims he was invited to Thailand 15 years ago to help the country out of its financial woes is also due to appear in court in Bangkok next month with Wanrapa Boonsu, the Editor of the Pattaya Times, and mother to three of his children.

Mr.Noyes claimed he worked for the Bank of Thailand, according to a speech he gave to the Pattaya City Expats Club, and has spent 14 years in service of His Majesty the King of Thailand.  In fact when he arrived in Thailand he opened up beer bars in Pattaya.

It is alleged both Boonsu and Noyes as Editor and Publisher libelled journalist Andrew Drummond in stories in the Pattaya Times print and internet editions, liberally making up quotes from Thai policemen, inventing a reader’s letter to defame Drummond, and falsely claiming that Thai police and that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology had ordered the closure of
‘What jail?’ says Drew Noyes. “I was in a meeting with the Mayor and 200 people all caught on tape”
Drew Noyes has denied he spent any significant period in custody. In an sms to his latest enemy Ivan Schiffer he stated:
“Ur r as stupid as the few friends you have. Wait. Just wait. Ur story will unfold soon. U n fatman have no honor. U R exactly like the loser AD **and all the names he uses to post on his own site. While the pathetic liars were waiting outside the courthouse swearing I was in jail I was in a meeting with the mayor n 200 people all caught on tape. U r all exactly why Thai people do not like westerners. Losers at home. Losers in Thailand. U R so brave then meet me at the police station tomorrow at 3 pm.  They really want to c u.  Because u r a wanted criminal and they want to catch you”
* Mangus Evans exists only in the imagination of Drew Noyes.
** AD – I’m guessing that’s me.


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