I Feel a Movement Coming On! Boiler Room Warning


Having already been put up on a ‘watch list’ by Britain’s Financial Services Agency the boiler room ‘Springhill Group’ working out of Seoul, South Korea, is today targeting foreigners in Thailand.

Today a punter in Pattaya who received initials calls and Springhill’s brochure got that special call from a Brit calling himself Mark Griffin.


“Yes. You know I told you I would call when there is movement in the market. Well it’s happening right now.

“Guess what? Its very big movement.  Norton and going to be partnering with Beyer Chemicals.

“Do you know Beyer. ‘Yes’. Then I don’t need to tell you how big this is. Their stock name is NT3.

“Whats the minimum stocks am I allowed to buy?”

“At least 4000 shares which equal up to 5,000 Euros and a Maximum buy of 40,000 Euros”.

“Ok – thanks and good-bye!”

If you want a laugh please go to their website – www.springhillgroup.net.

Here you will see this chap – having a movement I guess.

Is he deliriously happy because he has just got somebody to go to the bank?  Or is that really a grimace because he has just seen this warning from Britain’s Financial Services Authority. This company used a bank in Cyprus – another favourite boiler room initial cash dump.

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