Brian Goudie, 47, the fake Scottish lawyer, who faces two charges of fraud in the Pattaya courts, is now suing his ex-girlfriend for fraud, claiming theft from the premises of the  ‘Jaggie Thistle’ in the Jomtien Complex down there.

But its all part of his plan to get back control of the estate of an infamous Ulster drugs trafficker.

The Paradise was formerly the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ pub. But before that was called ‘The Blarney Stone’ and owned by trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

Jimmy Halliday was a client of Goudie’s legal company ‘Alba Laws’.  Making contact through a prison visitor Ian Tracy*, whom he gave accommodation and a few thousand baht to for a few favours, Goudie made contact with Halliday and offered to get him out of prison for hospital treatment for ‘necrotising fasciitis’ – a flesh eating disease Halliday had contracted.

Halliday was in prison on assault charges and had less than a two year sentence and Goudie had offered to get him out permanently – which he did successfully as, fortunately for Goudie as it turned out, Halliday died in the hospital.

Prior to his death Goudie got Halliday to scrawl his signature on a Power of Attorney and ‘bob’s you uncle’ the ‘Blarney Stone’ now valued at 11 million baht was his!  (He paid off the hospital’s 2 million baht bill with 1 million.)

As foreigners cannot own property in Thailand he had to put the share in control of nominees. So he chose his then girlfriend  (Nang)  from Korat, to be the Thai owner.

This might have been a sensible move assuming that the girl was of little intelligence and worshipped his very footsteps…and of course that he remained faithful.

This was apparently not so. Nang complained that he had brought in a girl from ‘Misty’s a Go-Go’ in Pattaya called Neung to live in a threesome. Goudie duly ditched her and flew off to Samui with Neung, who has been an attentive if not expensive companion.

A re-charged Goudie has been back in Pattaya, hosted by the resort’s ‘Mr. Charity’ Kevin Fisher, and claiming Nang will now be charged with theft from the premises.

This might be difficult to prove as she appears to have as much right to the goods as he has.

Mr. Fisher, an amiable chap, meanwhile appears to be tied up with Goudie (who was jailed in Australia for fraud under the name Goldie and spent his days there in Hakea prison WA). He may have invested heavily in Goudie’s Bang Kao Bay Residences in Koh Samui where work is proceeding at a snail’s pace.

As he is known for his charity work Mr. Fisher might want to check how Goudie acquired the land in the first place.

Seems Nang and Goudie are in a deadlock.

Nang has complained that he is running around with an eastern European bodyguard making threats.

The real story is of course is that if these people cannot come to an agreement the ‘Jaggy Thistle’ or rather ‘Jimi International Company’ which owns it cannot be sold.  Goudie has the ‘chanote’ but he needs Nang’s signature!

The complaint about Nang is short and sweet. But if you have a complaint you can always
call the policeman!

Goudie made the complaint to Donsak Police station in Jomtien. That’s that little hut next to the beach.

Jaggy Thistle

He also moans that I have falsely accused him of selling his cars and that he has not been charged with licensing regulations and had a warrant issued, as has been suggested on this site.

He has also challenged a will I have produced showing Goudie had left his estate to his children in Belfast. Goudie insists that on his deathbed Halliday said: ‘The bairns are getting nothing. It’s all yours.”

Sometimes it is difficult to verify information that comes into this site. In that case, such as the above which comes from a former military policeman*, it is merely reported as such and of course we make corrections when given contrary evidence and apologies if required. He certainly has been travelling to Koh Samui by bus though.

Goudie then comfortably announces that I am going to jail for libel (His cases against me have yet to be accepted. But everybody is welcome to Pattaya Court next Monday.)

He is currently being sued by Barbara Fannelli Miller of, Madison, Wisconsin, for fraud to the value of US$300,000 the amount she says she paid on his promise to get her son Gregory Miller out of Nong Plalai jail where he is being held on child sexual abuse charges. He failed obviously. Miller was also found as a client for Goudie by Ian Tracy who was a volunteer prison visitor for the Mercy Centre.*

Nang’s real name name on Jimi International Co.Ltd.

The Pattaya Provincial Court has also accepted a case against him brought by John Jepson of Koh Samui, who has accused Goudie of falsely representing himself as a lawyer for monetary gain.

Pattaya it seems is getting more and more like Thamesmead in south east London by the minute and lawyers might think of looking at the trading activity of Goudie’s Ramadin Holding Co. Ltd, which, er, only seems to hold things.

* He gave the interview to the Sunday Mail: ‘Halliday’s only Thai friend reveals his last pathetic days’
* Ian Tracy is now serving 4 years for child abuse himself.
* Goudie has been telling Mrs Millers lawyers that he will pay it back. He hasn’t.

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