A Thai woman who was insulted by American Drew Noyes,
founder of the Pattaya Times, on the
internet is taking the former publisher to court for bringing the Thai Royal family into disrepute.
After calling Mrs Kanokrat Nimsamuth Booth, 43, ‘an ignorant
Thai woman who had been divorced by her husband’ she checked him out.
As a result TCSD police are investigating Noyes claimed
connections with Royalty. The complaint was filed on September 26th.
The complaint states:

“On 23 August 2013, at day and night times, Mr Drew Water
Noyes allegedly posted a libel message against her that she was an
unknowledgeable Thai woman and her husband filed for her divorce. She, then,
checked the information at Google web site, discovering that Mr Drew made a
statement citing his many qualifications and being a correspondent of Pattaya
Times Newspaper and a web site at

“He posted a message in the site that he was the host for the
arrival of HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn in 2003 and for the 80th
birthday celebration of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, etc., and that he
was awarded the prestigious Her Majesty Queen Regent Sirikit Service Merit
Medallion Award in 2004.

“Mr Drew Noyes was one of those selected to serve as a member
of the Siam Society under Royal Patronage. Following an examination by the
informer of the information cited by Mr Noyes after discovery of the posting,
it was untrue and Mr Noyes’ citation has tarnished, defamed and brought into
disrepute the royal prestige of the King and royal family. That is why the
informer is here to ask the inquiry official to deal with Mr Noyes legally.” 

Mr Noyes has claimed that he came to Thailand by Royal
Proclamation with 26 other Americans to offer financial advice to the Bank of
Thailand during the Asian Financial crisis of the late 90’s.

There is no trace of the 26 other Americans and in any case
by this time Noyes, a former futures dealer, had had his name with drawn from
the National Future Association, and had a judgment against his one man New
England Trading Co. for selling bogus shares.
He has also falsely claimed to have been a lawyer, been given top security clearance by the CIA and the Thai Royal family. But he also claims to have connections to ‘Influential People’ (see Television below) and be an adviser to the Mayor of Pattaya.      

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