Scots Fraudster Brian Goudie Fails To Show To Contest Allegations He Cheated Mum of ‘Paedo’ Teacher

Convicted Scots fraudster Brian Goudie failed to show up in court in Pattaya (Monday) to face allegations that he cheated a 75-year-old American woman out of US$300,000 on a promise to get her son off child sexual abuse charges at Pattaya Provincial Court.

A fraud case against him was adjourned until August 14 after he his temporary lawyer said that he had not received the summons and that negotiations would be conducted with the plaintiff.
Barbara Fanelli Miller, of Madison, Wisconsin, USA alleges that Goudie, born Brian Goldie, from Falkirk, Scotland, had promised that he could get her son Gregory Miller, formerly a teacher at an international school, off charges of sexual abusing boys under the age of 15.
Goudie, who was sentenced to six years jail in Australia, for defrauding a mining company there under the name Goldie, resurfaced in Thailand as Brian Goudie, to start a law firm called Alba Laws. He has pretended to be a former officer in the Royal Marines and a qualified barrister in England and Advocate in Scotland.
He however is none of these. Former clients of his who have complained about his activities have been the victims of malicious attacks on the google blog site, as have enemies of Drew Noyes, former publisher of the Pattaya Times.
He may find it difficult to come to terms with  Mrs. Miller. Recently in an email from his address he rounded on both son and mother.
Greg Miller

“ Did (Mrs Miller)  tell you about all of us all trying to help even though we were revolted? And getting nothing but shit thrown at us? and the other six boys he did it to that we tried to get treatment for and help the kids with their mental issues. 

“And giving the kids a few quid for school and a bit of help when the fucking monster that destroyed their young lives finally got caught?  

“At first I actually fell for the line that he was innocent until xxxx told us he has been having treatment for his ‘problem’ for thirty years! Can’t wait to see xxx taking this to Court.” (That’s Miller’s ‘lawyer’ talking!)

There is no evidence that he spent US$300,000 helping abused children out with mental issues. Mrs Miller is being represented by Sukhothai Inter Law, Bangkok.

Goudie had secured Halliday as a client, also promising to get him out of jail. But Halliday had contracted the disease in Nong Plalai Prison while awaiting trial for the Thai equivalent of GBH.

Goudie said he needed the POA so he could pay Halliday’s hospital bill at the Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital. He did in fact pay Bt1 million.

The Jaggy Thistle, now oddly renamed ‘The Paradise’ is worth alone between Bt12 million and Bt15 million. Goudie has already sold the apartment.

Footnote: Goudie’s girl problem

Having secured ownership of the apartment and Jaggy Thistle bar from notorious Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy Halliday on his death of the flesh eating disease necrotising fasciities by getting Halliday to sign a ‘Power of Attorney’ form while in the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Goudie now seems to be having trouble holding onto Halliday’s company, Jimi Co Ltd. He has girl problems.

First he had Toy, then Nang, now he is engaged to a girl called Neung. Seems that Nang has one over on Neung. She is the major shareholder and is not letting him have it back. Goudie may need a lawyer.

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