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Sunday June 4 2010

Well this is not quite a news flash. It happened on Saturday but regretfully Drummond  has been taken ill for the last 36 hours.

All current threats to are now off.

At a court hearing in Pattaya Drew Noyes withdrew all actions.

 These include

 An injunction to have this site blocked

An injunction to have stories removed

A claim for 5 million baht in damages

 A case for criminal libel.

The agreement was made after Drew Noyes failed to succeed in actions to remove stories on this site, or have the site blocked. It was signed by both parties in Pattaya Court.

Details of this agreement will be published here later after independent translation.

As part of that agreement Andrew Drummond has withdrawn a complaint of criminal libel against Drew Noyes, which was approved by Bangkok Criminal Court last week. He has further agreed to remove certain ‘libelous’ statements from his site, ‘if he has made them’.*

Both sides have agreed not to write further stories against each other. However neither side is prevented from writing anything in the ‘public interest’.

Said Andrew Drummond: “This is an excellent result. The fact that court realised I was working as an investigative journalist was clearly taken into account.

“This does not prevent this site continuing to report on Drew Noyes’ other legal cases for extortion and libel or any NEW actions. The judge has said there is no intention to stop me doing my job, and public interest overrides anything.”

“It does however appear to prevent publication of  detailed material gathered in the United States some supplied by the Wilmington Morning Star – now the Star News – which was due to run on this site this week, because it is historical and merely backs up and adds to what has already been mentioned here. Further it was obtained for libel actions which no longer exist.

*Noyes case for removal of stories was abandoned after he was unable to show that alleged statements he referred to in his complaint actually appeared on this site.

Posts will be accepted. But posts attacking Drew Noyes would be regarded  as in breach of the agreement and not justified under the news rule and will not be published.

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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