An enquiry is under way on the eastern seaboard as to what
has happened to a British suspect who was bailed two times for offences against
Both British Police and the Royal Thai Police Region 2’s
Women and Children’s Protection Unit are seeking answers to the disappearance of
66-year-old Andrew Tracy, who has failed to appear in court in Pattaya.
Tracy was first arrested with a Mr. Karl Josef Ruppel aged
69 from Germany on warrants 90 and 95/2556 issued by Pattaya Court on 1st
February 2013. They were both accused of committing indecent acts with young
boys under the age of 15.
A Thai man was also charged with providing the children. All
of them were bailed to appear in court.

Strangling with a belt

Tracy was arrested again in May this year after a Brit ‘have-a-go-hero’
intervened to stop him beating up a boy whom he said May was attempting to
strangle with his belt in bushes in Bang Saray.

Said Mr. Booty, from Bethnal Green, E. London, at the time: 

“I was driving in Bang Saray last  when I saw this guy drag a boy off into the
bushes. He had a belt around the boy’s neck and was strangling with him.

Karl Ruppel – courtesy PattayaOne

“I stopped my car and gave chase and he let the boy go and
rushed to his own car. I also called some building workers on site to come over
and be witnesses.

“I screamed at this guy. ‘Do the boys’ parents know about
this you pervert!’

The guy rushed off in his car but he was arrested at his
home nearby.

I went along to the police station to give a statement and was
there from about 4 pm until 1 am. Two other boys were brought in.”

Lee Booty

He added:“I made a statement and hung around to see what would
happen. There was a lot of talking going on. Police told me they were charging him with attempted murder. 

“Then at 1 am police just released
him. I was told he had paid 300,000 baht bail and they were holding onto his
car so he could find the rest of the cash.  

“Nothing appeared in the Pattaya People which was a bit surprising. 

“I subsequently went to see where this guy lived, which was
a rented house in Bang Saray, and saw that he had packed up and left.”

British Police will extradite child sexual offenders back to
the country where the offences allegedly took place and assist in prosecutions.

But ECPAT have complained, see link below, that the British Government is not doing enough to stop British paedophiles travelling abroad and failing to deliver on pledges.

A Home Office spokesman replied: “The UK has some of the toughest powers in the world to deal with sex offenders but we are not complacent and keep these powers under constant review. 

“We have strengthened checks on individuals on the sex offenders register, which now include a requirement to notify police of any foreign travel and provide bank account, credit card and passport details. 

“These checks enhance our ability to manage offenders in local communities.
“We are also looking to improve the use and effectiveness of Foreign Travel Orders and will set out more detailed plans shortly”.

If you know there whereabouts of this man please contact the UK Embassy Police Liaison Officer, Chonburi Region 2 Women and Children’s Protection Unit, or Fight Against Child Exploitation ( If you wish you can also contact here and we can pass on details. 

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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