Hanks and Goudie with their lawyer

Scotsmen Brian Goudie, a phony lawyer, and David Hanks, a former pimp in Melbourne failed to appear in court in Koh Samui to press criminal libel and computer crimes charges against British journalist Andrew Drummond – and neither did their lawyer.

Goudie,  from Falkirk, who is also now in court in both Samui and Pattaya in relation to charges of defrauding an American woman out of 7.9 million baht (US$240,791) through his pseudo law company Alba Laws, had indicated earlier in the week he would not bother to attend.  ‘I shall be in Bangkok” he said in an email.

If he does not surrender to bail a warrant of arrest will be issued against him in relation to the fraud charges.

Hanks, from Girvan, former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, Melbourne, which has featured in Australian Administrative Tribunals, did not indicate why he could not attend.

Last year he was arrested in an investigation by the Department of Special Investigations into a Russian ‘mafia group’ in Pattaya which was lending money at the rate of 60 per cent per month. Hanks, Thai newspapers reported, was the funder.

Goudie also did not show up in the other case to contest the latest charges brought by lawyers on behalf of Barbara Fanelli Miller, 76, of Madison, Wisconsin. On October 31st the case was accepted for trial in Koh Samui.

The lawyer for both Hanks and Goudie had notified the court that he had withdrawn his services. Both Hanks and Goudie will have to find a new lawyer to represent them on April 20th next year.

Lawyers for Andrew Drummond had requested an adjournment of the case.

Hanks is suing Drummond for a report describing him as a former pimp and linking him to ‘mafia’. Hanks was the former owner of ‘Masquerades’ a brothel in Keysborough, a suburb of Melbourne.

In one case AAAT case Australian Immigration officers said they found a 40-year-old Thai prostitute in this brothel which specialized in ‘Asian Hotties’

She had gone through a sham marriage with an 18-year-old Australian construction worker to gain residency in Australia. Her residency was withdrawn)

Goudie as Royal Marine

Goudie is suing on the basis of photo-shopped pictures of himself dressed as a barrister and as an officer in the Royal Marines and in ‘pampers’ amongst others.

Goudie, formerly known as Prisoner E0000274 Goldie in Hakea Prison, WA., has never been a barrister or a Royal Marine, but this is what he used to tell everyone, including Barbara Fanelli Miller, until he was outed on this site.

He was jailed in Australia for six years for stealing from his employers ,a West Australian mining company, while in a position of trust in the accounts department – and an Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal heard that a warrant of arrest had been issued against him by Scottish police in connection with a fraud on a car sales company and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Last month on his pseudo legal site casewatchasia which is dedicated to his enemies Goudie predicted:

as fake barrister

“The Court today noted in the record that no further adjournments will be granted, and if Drummond fails to appear on November 13th arrest warrants will be issued.
Goudie and Hanks are said to intend to object to Drummond being released on bail, other than with tough conditions such as a higher than normal bail bond, clear confirmation of a residential address, travel restrictions and surrender of passport, as  they say Drummond now faces at least five criminal trials next year in cases that have already been accepted and is a clear flight risk.”

Footnote: With separate cases in Pattaya and Koh Samui on actual serious criminal charges (There are no such offences as criminal libel or Computer Crime libel in the UK or USA where this site is registered and based) its more likely that Brian Goudie is a greater flight risk.

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