Britain’s Independent newspaper has today come out with statistics concluding that Thailand is the No 1 country in the world – where husbands admit having extra-marital affairs.

Britain comes in at a poor number 10.

As a result posters are saying ‘Well done Thailand. At least your men are honest”.  Ah another case of statistics telling lies.  But I love it.

In Thailand of course if a husband commits adultery it is no cause for divorce if he is still taking care of his major wife and family.

Moreover men have a very casual attitude to ‘marriage’ – and you have to bear in mind that in the provinces a large percentage do not go through with formal civil marriages.

And getting a ‘husband’ to support his children in Thailand is something hard to enforce.

Most men, except Drew Noyes, are also happy to admit they have minor wives on the side. But I do not think Drew Noyes – Pattaya’s most famously romantic American was included in this, er, survey.

In Britain and some other countries of course admitting to an adulterous affair can result in a life-time of debt bondage, I have heard.

In Thailand the sex trade in Bangkok of course is fed every year with young women who have previously ‘married’, have children and need a way to support those children.

But if this confirms the view that Thai men are more honest than, say, their European counterparts – all well and good.

These statistics are not necessarily the view of the Independent. They are prepared by someone else. It’s just a catchy thing to put up on the net.

Bangkok does not even rate among the top sexiest holiday destinations in the world.  At the moment I am heading for No.1.

#DrewNoyes, Thailand’s most famous extortionist could have put in a guilty claimed he needed to pose as a lawyer to extort foreigners in Thailand through his #PattayaTimes newspaper, #OneStopLegalServices or #PappaCo to feed his nine in Thailand. Alas he did not think of the Oliver Twist plea.  Now he is appealing a two year jail sentence.

CORRECTION: Earlier versions of this post contained the following sentence: “Bangkok does not even rate among the top ten sexist holiday destinations”. Sexist should of course have read sexiest.
Thailand probably rates No 1 in the world’s sexist destinations. I apologise for the error.

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