Following the military take-over of the country’s premier sex resort city of Pattaya a report to ‘Military Circle 14’ has  resulted in the announcement of the arrest of hapless Brit Andy Ronald Mathews for insulting Thais.

Mathews is a victim of Pattaya. He is also not very well. He was in the real estate business and claimed he had been swindled out of some 26 million baht by his business partner a German and he is hardly in the criminal class – though I am wary of putting that as a hard fact in the case of property shop owners in Pattaya.

Having been swindled Mathews then accused his partner of being in the business of smuggling top of the range cars into Thailand and something very dodgy in the casino business. 

Needless to say if his partner was doing something dodgy in either of those fields – he would have had influential Thai friends – and some no doubt military.

Mathews claims he did not know about the German’s other occupations until after he joined the company.

But never mind; along came a knight in shining armour in the form of Brian Goudie, (born Goldie), a ‘British barrister’ and former officer in the Royal Marines, who said he could find time between doing ‘pro bono’ cases in the High Court in London, to sort out Mathew’s problems and sue the pants off the German.

Mathews is a rather straight talking simple man. Goudie had told him the story about how he tried to save the life of his last client Jim ‘Doc’ Halliday – the former Belfast drugs trafficker – from the flesh eating disease ‘necrotising fasciitis’, which he had contracted in Nong Plalai jail, but sadly had failed…and Mathew’s was moved.

Halliday’s demise reported in the Irish press

Out of gratitude, said Goudie, Halliday had signed over his Power of Attorney to take his property.  

Halliday did not want anything to go to his kids or Thai girlfriend. Goudie said he now owned a pub and guest house (The Jaggie Thistle) but needed cash to do it up.

Before she died of a drugs overdose Halliday’s girlfriend Lek said that Goudie had stopped her visits to the hospital.

Mathews duly agreed and handed over some US$15,000 which was pretty much all his savings.

The German had accused him of assault. 

But not only did Goudie not return his cash he also failed to organise his defence in court. He failed to turn up for Mathews case. Instead sending him an sms to plead not guilty.

In any event the judge told Mathews that he would get a small fine and suspended sentence, which Mathews thought he could handle rather than go through a year of hearings – which he had no money to pay for – and he was free to leave.

A furious and broke Mathews then started demanding cash back from Goudie.

At one stage he was offered one of Halliday’s cars but of course getting cash out of Goudie was like dragging sugar cane out of an elephant’s mouth.

Goudie in Thailand

For Goudie, as Mathews discovered, was of course neither a barrister, nor a former officer in the Royal Marines.

He was an old lag and professional confidence trickster.

Under his birth name Goldie, he was jailed for six years in Australia for defrauding a mining company, and previously he had left Scotland before a warrant of arrest had been issued against him for an alleged fraud at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

And he was in the process of screwing nearly US$300,000 from then 76-year-old Barbara Fanelli Miller, an American woman whose son he was allegedly defending in the Pattaya court system.
(for which he got the three year sentence).

Further Goudie was not acting for him at all. He was secretly acting for the German and had taken criminal action through the Thai courts to sue Mathew’s for libel.

When Mathews heard he went ballistic and confronted Goudie at the Jaggie Thistle pub, which he had ironically helped decorate, and gave Goudie a mouthful of abuse.

Goudie of course sued again. There are multiple cases – and cases under the Computer Crime Act – a total abuse of laws which were introduced to protect the Monarchy and national security. Mathews is of course penniless to defend them.

Goudie is of course not around. He skipped bail after being convicted and sentenced to three years for fraud, and a warrant of arrest has also been issued against him for other charges of fraud and others related to revenge porn.

The fake lawyer of course had begun reporting the demise of Mathews, 52, from Wolverhampton on his bogus legal website ‘CasewatchAsia.’

A poster on Thaivisa obviously believes Goudie’s claptrap because he posted something along the lines of ‘all you have to do is Google’. 

In fact all Mathews’ cases to my knowledge involve either the German or Goudie – and not one of the cases would be criminal back home.

The problem with Andy Mathews is that Pattaya has driven him crazy. He has sent out thousands of emails about his story and accused almost everyone he knows of being involved in a conspiracy against him.

These emails I know also go to his former best friends. He has been a victim of Pattaya and now that it seems he has defamed Thais he is now a victim of the military and immigration department.

I have hundreds of emails from him. I ignore the insults. Long after they began I went to visit him. He offered me hospitality when he had nothing. He was not even conscious that he written many of the emails.

Stickboy writes:

“After being question by immigration officers, Mathews was transferred to Pattaya City Police who charged him with “defaming others through an advertisement via internet” plus charges of overstaying his visa. (587 days).”

The Thaivisa report states that this is part of the Immigration Department’s ‘Good guys in – Bad Guys Out’ campaign.

Stickboy news gathering

Let’s hope Immigration catch up with Stickboy’s main paymaster – the Brit who has the master lease on Nana sex tourism plaza in Bangkok with a very colourful past in financial fraud.

And as for Thaivisa. I’d watch these laws about insulting Thais. I thought was the platform of preference.

‘Good Guys in – Bad Guys Out’ – that seems a total reversal of Immigration policy. It won’t work I’m afraid. Even the government has conceded that the Immigration department is the most corrupt of all the police agencies – and after the CIB/CSD scandal – that must have taken some effort.

Sadly the future of Andy Mathews looks bleak. But he is the victim of the bad guys and this latest news from the army and immigration department only goes to show they haven’t a clue where to look for the bad guys, unless bad guys means of course ‘those who do not pay us’ – in which case they are the good guys.

Mathew was the guy who alerted the world to Brian Goudie. In a way he is now paying the price.