Alas – sad news from across the pond in North Carolina where Drew Noyes, currently on the run from a jail sentence and conviction for extortion in Pattaya, Thailand, has been hit by an iron bar in his local Home Depot.

It is reported that even though he complained to Home Depot personnel they would not take him to the local hospital – so he had to drive himself.

‘We are all concerned about Daddy (writes his one of his sons using his old man’s Facebook page – so its probably Drew himself) ‘He got smashed in his face and had to get a CAT scan’.

…..’He can’t work and is in bed’.

Noyes – apart from being a partner in the notorious One Stop Legal Service Center in Pattaya (no such organisation exists on the books of the Business Development Bureau but he has changed the name so if punters sue – it will be wrong) claims now to be also running Real Estate Development Corp.

Home Depot staff would not take him to the hospital

I can’t find a listing for that.

Poor old Home Depot. I feel a law suit coming on. Here’s the evidence he will present on the right.

But congratulations are in order. Having fathered 10 children by two wives, one common law wife, a niece, and a maid Drew has announced his engagement to a Miss Pawadee Jittrerom who bore him a baby boy after he fled.

Its a long distance engagement I understand. He will be arrested if he returns to Thailand. 

If Homeland Security allow more of his Thai wives into the US Trump should be told.

Pictures: James Noyes