尚苑 – 尊尚 – 泳池阁楼 – 莲花别墅度假酒店


As the career of Niels Colov, a former Danish underworld figure turned newspaper publisher and police chief totters in Pattaya, Thailand, across the Gulf in the royal resort of Hua Hin it seems that the life-style of fellow publisher Greek George Mastronikolis is also hitting a few bumps.

I have been receiving posts and legal documents about gorgeous George for nigh on ten years.

Agence France Presse even did a report on him, unusual for a wire service, in relation to property frauds way back in 2008.

And for a while there was a Thai ombudsman dealing with complaints against him.

Alas the ombudsman died with George’s name on his lips and the problem with the posts is that the authors have always asked for anonymity.



George Mastronikolis, Niels Colov, and, if readers can remember, Drew Noyes of the Pattaya Times, all started newspapers, and all set about contacting local police and officials, flashing their smiles, not a little hospitality, and their desire to help Thailand not from the bottom of their loving hearts, as they claimed, but for the benefit of their wallets.

Thereafter, all set about on a course of giving Thailand the worse reputation possible.



We had Niels Colov, publisher of the Pattaya People, being appointed Chief of the Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteers, and Noyes, a fake lawyer, publisher of the Pattaya Times, and now convicted extortionist, running a ‘legal seminar’ with the judges of the eastern region courts.

And Mastronikolis, well he runs Hua Hin Today newspaper, and this is a list of guests who attended a party to lure Chinese investors to the resort.

Ms. Nuwanna Anantakitpaisarn, Vice Governor of Prachuab Kirikhan, Pol. Maj. Gen. Tanet Soontornsuk, Commander of Prachuab Kirikhan Provincial Police, Mr. Montri Shoupu, Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin, Pol. Col. Damrongsak Thongngarmtrakul, Superintendent of Hua Hin Police, Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee, Superintendent of Royal Thai Police Immigration of Prachuab Kirikhan and Ms. Vanida  Arunothai, Chief of Prachuab Kirikhan Commercial Office, Mr. Boonlert Boonchuay, Deputy of Provincial Administrative Organization, Mr. Kriengkrai Kraitong, Prachuab Kirikhan Mayor, Mrs. Pattama Kraitong (Wife of Mr. Kriengkrai), Mr. Somporn Yasotorn, Deputy Mayor of Prachuab Kirikhan, Pol. Col. Arkane Daengdomyut, Superintendent of Prachuab Kirikhan Police, Pol. Lt. Col. Sathabhorn Sanguansuk, Inspector of Tourist Police Station 7 Sub-Division 2 Tourist Police Division, Pol. Lt. Col. Veerawat Kruesombat, (with Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee), Pol. Lt. Col. Suchart Saengnil (with Pol. Col. Pansak Kadee), Pol. Maj. Gen. Noi Wannaphaiboon, Editor of Hua Hin Today and Mr. Phaiboon from local Real Estate firm.

Look who is editor of Hua Hin Today. Police Major General Noi Wannaphaiboon, is not of course. It’s just an honorary title. His English is not THAT good.  But wow, all these local luminaries and police chiefs turning up for a guy for whom who they have not even bothered to issue a phony work permit,

Hua Hin truly welcomes Greeks bearing gifts.

In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find if George owns anything. He has been sued in Bangkok and Prachuap Khiri Khan and has judgments against him totaling between 30-40 million baht involving properties he had, well let’s not mince words here, fraudulently sold to hapless punters from abroad. The victims include Scandinavians, Russians, Brits etc.


Poor old George simply states: ‘I don’t have any money’. And technically that is true. Although he claims to be the owner of the above on ‘LinkedIn’ these are just fronts for his activities.  Everything is in the hands of nominees.  In fact, he should be a millionaire many times over.

Membership of the Mahasamutr Country Club (535,000 per annum) must be a mere bagatelle (see below|) but the club has failed to materialise as do some of his property promises.


Lotus Resort, Black Lotus, Greenscape, Royal Holdings, Royal Property (Thailand), etc., are all names to be avoided.

He pretends to be the owner of properties. He isn’t. He works on a system of ‘kai fak’.

He says he’ll buy the land to the owner, and tells the buyer he owns the land.

And when they buy and move in they find they have nothing.

Then they ask how they can get their money back, but alas the sugar cane has already entered the elephant’s mouth.

George had mastered a scam now being perpetrated by resort foreign property dealers all over Thailand.

It’s a win-win situation. Everybody gets paid off in Thailand, and the foreigners must fight for years for court decisions, which, while they may go in their favour, they find unenforceable.

In fact, in Hua Hin, while technically penniless George is regarded by the locals as the foreigner with the ‘Golden Touch’.

Some even say ‘Khamoy suay’ (beautiful thief). And now a local policeman has invested a considerable amount in one of George’s schemes.

I don’t think George is stupid enough to cheat the cop. Surely not?

Meanwhile he has opened up a China website, Hence the Chinese writing above.


*One of George’s earlier victims was retired US Marine Donald ‘Biff’ Whiting, who settled in Hua Hin with his partner Dolly Samson, a former Rector of Webster’s University, Hua Hin campus. They had a 5-million-baht case against George, then decided to put their home in the hands of Darren Oxley, of Oxley Homes, Hua Hin.

Then Biff had problems with Darren Oxley, who just happened to be on the run from a drugs trial in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, where he was described as a man not to meddle with.

Biff’s car was fire-bombed the day before a court case. If that was not enough Biff was then gunned down outside his home, and paralysed from the neck down.



Although Donald had only had contact with Darren Oxley himself, Oxley’s wife and two others were convicted of the attempted murder – but it took years to get to trial and conviction – and there was little confidence that she would stay in jail for long.


*Jason Coghlan, the brother of  Arran Coghlan, ‘The Teflon Don’ who acquired that nickname after police failed to convict him of three murders, was armed by Hua Hin Police after he was employed by Dutch property Developer Dingeman ‘Dinky’ Hendrikse to sort out complaining foreign buyers on his ‘Avalon’ now ‘Khao Noi’ estate in Hua Hin. 

Shooting off in the middle of the night and threatening to personally come around and sort out the foreigners who had come to ‘live the dream’ certainly seemed to work for Jason, a former Double Category Triple ‘A’ prisoner with a history of violence.


*Keith Burbage, 56, a director of the ‘Stationery Office’, formerly Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, was severely beaten up in Hua Hin after being sold a property of Dingeman Hendrikse and entering a legal dispute. (The house he bought was sold to someone else).  Hendrikse denied any connection. Burbage left to retire in South America. At the time he said: “There is nobody protecting people from the foreign mafia here, least of all the police.”

None of the above were reported in the Hua Hin Today newspaper. I can understand people requesting anonymity.