May 9 2012

The publisher of the Pattaya People – a man revealed on this site as a person with convictions for pimping, violence, and dishonesty – has vowed to help his friend Drew Noyes, Publisher of the Pattaya Times get off charges of extortion in the local justice system.

Secret tapes handed over to this website reveal how Noyes and Niels Colov, once sworn enemies, had garnered other people to take action to get Noyes out of his present predicament.

And Colov, 63, also Project Leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers, is clearly heard on one of the tapes saying how he had made up with 56-yr-old Noyes and now they were dedicated to helping each other.

“And now he has the trouble I now am trying to help him in turn as much as I can. You know when we talk about Drew I believe he will get out of this case.

“I think you know there are as many people as possible putting their efforts together and will help. He will get out of this case.  That is my opinion.”

The nature of the remarks suggests, but does not state,  that action will be a little bit more than just a spirited defence in court.

Noyes was arrested and charged with extortion in Pattaya between March 8th and 9th this year. It is alleged that he tried to extort Dr. Michel ‘Mike’ Oscar Goulet, of the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien, out of 7 million baht on pain of publication of bad publicity in his newspaper and apparently, though this is not on the charge, arrest by police.

The amount was later dropped to 2.3 million baht. Dr. Goulet had complained to police through his Thai business partner and police arrested Noyes as he was about to receive the first payment of 100,000 baht in the News Steak Restaurant in Thappraya Road, Jomtien.

Dr. Goulet has said he has no intention of backing down, particularly as Noyes has a history of issuing libel proceedings against people after he persuades people to withdraw charges against him.

The new business alliance between Noyes and Colov has included regular appearances together, most notably recently in Angeles City in the Philippines, where Colov has been courting another Mayor, and where he has formed another media company.

But it was not always thus. Colov issued a warning in his own newspaper the Pattaya People about unscrupulous businessmen.

He made an obvious reference to Noyes’ bar beer owning days when he had bars in South Pattaya and Pattaya Second Road Soi 2 and then he specifically brought up shady dealings with regard to a  government housing project, to those in the know the National Housing Authority apartments in Thepprasit Road, where Noyes has his PAPPA Law Office. This case (right) is well documented on the link above.

Noyes reacted viciously both in print and privately.

This below for instance is an email he sent Colov. Potential libels have had to be edited. Noyes held a file on Colov. Colov held a file on Noyes.

This is Pattaya style newspaper publishing.

Apparently Noyes sent the email to a number of friends so both would have faced each other in court unless they came to a deal.

From: Drew Noyes <>Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 8:01 AM
Subject: Neils Colov case file
We are in receipt of copies of the email blasts you sent in January and in December, 2009 to damage my reputation and hurt my family and businesses. You sent this by email abusing the privacy of Pattaya Expat Club members and FPV (Foreign Police Volunteers) guys who have contacted me to voice their disdain for your actions. 
In the January emails you sent from Outlook via Hosting-Group from your Scandinavian server you say I beat my wife which is not true.
In fact I was with you in 2002 when you admitted you had xxxx YOUR wife the night before because she changed her name.  I have pictures Al’s wife took of her to prove you xxxx your wife xxxxxxx xxxx as well as statements from your employees at the time saying you xxxx her and xxx your maid during another incident.
Yesterday you sent email copies to the Pattaya Expats Club members and others of a factually false newspaper article written by a reporter in Wilmington, NC who was fired* for witting it. In the article he stated that I had no rights to the property I was promoting when, in fact, I bought the property, developed it and sold it for a fortune.
We have copies of the email you sent and witnesses who received the emails and swear they came from you at your and email addresses which each email says right at the top.
For years we have had copies of the German magazine articles about your dealings with XXX xxx XXXXX XXXXX in which they say you xxxxxxxx many people out of their xxxxxxxx and never opened the xxxxx there you promised and they paid to have xxxx, but you did not return their xxxxxxx. 
There are statements from people who say they were xxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx by you in regards to the xxxx Condos and xxxxx Insurance as well as other things you were involved in here in Thailand.
We have the Extra blatten (Ekstra Bladet) newspaper articles saying you are the xxxxx gangster of Copenhagen.
We have the court record stating you served time in jail for xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx in Denmark. 
All documents have been certified translations into both Thai and English.
I have sworn statements from people whom you sent emails to saying xxxxx xxxx worked for me which is not true.  I sent an email to you months ago and told you to contact me because you were wrong, but you did not reply. So then we looked into you connection to xxxxx xxxx.
There are photos of you with xxxxx xxxx at the Expats Club and there are reports of xxxxx xxxx collecting money on your behalf for motorcycle rentals and parking places in the condo building above Sportsman Restaurant on Soi 13.
And there are three victims of xxxxx xxxx who lost most of their life’s savings who say you are the reason the cases were buried in the police station and you introduced them to their lawyer whom they say has done little to help them for 2 years.
According to someone close to you, there are accounts of the police arresting your son for xxxxx recently and the details on how quickly he was sentenced.
Despite the fact that you have continued to try to hurt my family, my businesses and me for the last 7 years I have not retaliated by using any of the documented accounts above.  I have not sent emails or posted any of this on the web. Yes, Pattaya Times has used your name during the course of reporting the facts, but never used the full information in our hands because at the time there was no reason to do so.
Many years ago a powerful cable station owner who I helped send his sons to America for education told me you were “a dog biting at my heels” and I should ignore you.  So I have for the most part – until now. Unlike you, I talk straight to people when I have a problem. I do not sneak around sending mass emails and letters with no return address saying bad things about you like you have done to me.
My lawyers have copies of the letters you had mailed to many foreign business owners years ago in envelopes with no return address.  In the letters, you said many things bad about me and they were not true.  They have statements from five people who say they know you had them sent.
I called you and spoke to you yesterday. If you do call me today like you agreed to do yesterday I will meet with you and see what we can do to stop all of this. Otherwise, I tell you in advance, we will unleash all of our resources to end this once and for all no matter how many courts we go to, no matter how many reporters and witnesses my lawyers have to contact, and Neils, I am not alone in this. 
There are people working for you and your former employees and club members who are on my side, not to mention many other people you have made enemies of over the years here. All of the documentation about you I have stated herein has been given to four people in Bangkok who will take action against you if one more thing happens to me that is bad.
If you do not clear this with me I will bring criminal slander charges against you, Dragon Enterprises, Co., Ltd. Hosting-Group Co., Ltd and Pattaya Expats Club, Co., Ltd. and all of the Managing Directors and shareholders of all three companies. You wrote and sent the emails from your Dragon company account using the Expats Club email list and the Hosting-Group.

* Scott Gold the author of the article in the Wilmington Morning Post was not fired as Drew Noyes claims. Far from it. He has in fact been contacted and is currently chief science and technology writer for the Los Angeles Times.

And there you have it and this site has merely been stating,  more accurately and with evidence, a lot of things Colov and Noyes have been calling each other for years.

On a matter of balance here is a list of Drew Noyes victims, victims under investigation, companies, and failed projects put up by – yes you have guessed, one of his victims