Now Pattaya Publisher Rips Off Thai Government B.O.I. Promo!

Oh No! Its not that man again with another scam

August 1 2012


Plus much more! Now Mr.Noyes fights back with threats, a gospel song, and unfettered accusations against a wide range of people

Drew Noyes falls to temptation

Controversial Pattaya ‘businessman’ Drew Noyes – publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ is now conning potential customers into believing that his new business is linked to Thailand’s Board of Investment.

It seems temptation has got the better of him and the 56-yr-old glib tongued American has opened up yet another business to get foreigners’ money for his ‘expertise’.

His is offering advice on property, marriage and visas, work permits etc. and how to get your name or company on the first page of google, something he has achieved for himself with outstanding results.

He has closed down the offices of PAPPA Co.Ltd, which he described as a law office though never licensed as such, and opened up in the same block –  this time as ‘One Stop Services Thailand’. Today is the official opening.

And on his website he shows a video promotion commissioned by One Start One Stop Investment Centre, a Board of Investment venture started up under the last Thai government showing smart staff in a smart centre giving presumably smart advice.

On the website Mr. Noyes claims to be an ‘expert’ on the Board of Investment.

Potential clients should know. Drew Noyes’ operation has, of course, absolutely nothing to do with ‘One Start One Stop Investment Centre’ and thus cannot claim the same integrity, assistance, and transparency of the Thai government organization.

Nor indeed is there any similarity at all.  So it is not surprising that OSOS and the BOI are out of sorts.

The matter is now in the hands of the Board of Investment’s legal manager Korbsiri Iamsuri.  But Krongkanoke Managitjonggol, of OSOS, which is based in Chamchuri Square, Bangkok said:

 “Our promotional video is being used illegally. We need to take action to ensure that people are not tricked. The video belongs to us. The service offered on his website does not.”

Above –  part of a screen shot from the front page of Noyes latest website showing Abhisit promoting the BOI one stop service and curiously below Miss Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005 but he does not state how she fits in.

The video Drew Noyes is currently showing on his  new site  is introduced by former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. In fact he has borrowed  it from the BOI who commissioned it in 2009 to promote OSOS the Thai government programme which assists investors in businesses in Thailand – not  investors in Noyes’ private business.

If anyone wants to invest in a business in Thailand, Noyes’ shophouse in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, is not the place to do it!

As usual Drew Noyes shows a picture of himself with important local dignitaries – in this case senior police

He claims the services are available at all One Stop Service Centers again suggesting he is part of a big group. But of course there is only one in Keha Tower, Thepprasit Road, Jomtien although he is advertising one other in the Avenue Shopping Plaza, Pattaya Second Road.

The customary photo of himself with somebody important is an old file picture. He also used it on

Perhaps a better known of  picture Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu is this. This was taken at their arrest earlier this year on charges of attempting to extort the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien out of 7 million Thai baht on pain of bad publicity in the ‘Pattaya Times’.

Drew Noyes has in the past claimed:

* To have spent 14 years in the service of the King of Thailand after coming here by Royal Proclamation.

* To have been a lawyer

* To have worked for the Bank of Thailand…… and many achievements including royal medals etc, including one for sky-diving.

During much of this time however he worked running beer bars known as Zebra and Lollipop and taking ‘bar fines’ in South Pattaya and Beach Road, Soi 2.

He currently faces libel and criminal extortion actions in Thailand and a court in California has ordered him to pay US$72,000 to a man he cheated in a bogus share scam. A number of reports of assaults on women were filed against him in North Carolina prior to his departure for Thailand.

His new operation One Stop Services is for, he claims,  ‘Foreigners on the Go!’

Indeed – probably on the run.

Above is the OSOS video. This is the property of the BOI/OSOS and this site is claiming no connection with it. But this is the place investors should go if they are interested doing business in Thailand.

Below are just some of Drew Noyes’ claims on For the full list click here – Drew Noyes Law and Investment Expert

Drew Noyes has never been a lawyer either in the United States or Thailand.

And finally it appears he has ripped off a mini-mart as well – except his tick to say he is certified appears to have been formerly a shopping trolley.  Spotted by a reader. See letters below.

 *One Stop Services Thailand should not be confused with Thailand One Stop Services founded by Amorn Malhotra formerly of the Pattaya Mail newspaper.



He has replaced the front page completely and instead put up his ‘Pattaya Lawyer’ picture again. He promises a chain of ‘One Stop Service Centers’ throughout Thailand, says (unnamed) leading business people have joined together , and its all been tenuously linked with the ASEAN Economic Community. You can’t make it up! However at his new address he has put the PAPPA sign back up.

‘One-Stop-Service-Center’ still awaiting its ‘Certified’ sign

Additional reporting by: Lee


The following email was received overnight from Drew Noyes. I have edited it as libelous comments have been made about named people. In short he is promising hell on earth for those who have upset him. He also appears to be suing Pattaya Today and Pattaya One news sites. As it has been sent indiscriminately I am answering his points.

Andrew Drummond, we will be your worst nightmare because of your hortibly false “reporting”. 

Your criminal defamation case will be heard by the Thailand Supreme Court some day soon and justice will be served 12 years after you defamed two of Pattaya”s leading UK businessmen. 

The million baht civil  law suit you lost to them shows you still owe 930,000 baht for lying about them on your blog. 

Most professionals know you have no credibility, you make things up, you invent interviews with people who are now willing to say in court they’ve never talked to you, you distort the truth, you defied a Pattaya Provincial Court agreement you signed  as shown in

and you have absolutely no moral integrity.

Case won. Expect confirmation in the Supreme Court. The two  former gay go-go bar owners were not leading Pattaya businessmen by the way.

Therefore we all are going to pursue all criminal and civil charges against you without relief unless you remove all references to me, my family and my businesses from your febel WordPress blog before Monday August 6th. 


Two months ago we forced you to move your web hosting out of Thailand and your current web hosting will be canceled for violation of Terms of Service. 

Movement of host had nothing to do with Drew Noyes. Might move again.

Your friends working at Pattaya Today and Howard (Pattaya One News) will also answer for their false reporting unless they clean their news and community radio websites by Monday.

 I do not think this is going to happen. What false reporting?

So will the few webmasters stupid enough to repost your vile lies about many good people. 

Your latest post on your pathetic hate blog is full of lies which are very easy to prove as false as are all the other “articles” you invented about me. Those following you are following you into a bad place.

The latest story is  of course patently true and undeniable.

You brought this upon yourself and it it is unfortunate that your family will suffer your absence. And theirs.

 Or is it? 

This is not the sort of thing you should put in emails.

You and your ” has been” friends have done your best to ruin my life and my companies and my family. as well as other foreign businessmen in Thailand. 

This blog is  part dedicated to helping foreigners out of the pitfalls created by others in Thailand. We do not expose honest businessmen, nor go after families, though if a partner is complicit the partner may be affected.

Despite your claims to the contrary, I did host the Crown Princess in Pattaya. I was the MC in Bangkok for His Majesty”s 80th Birhhday Celebration and also His Majesty”s 60th Year Asscention to the Throne Party in Bangkok. 

I have made no such claims. Drew Noyes was also M.C. for a Thai Visa party.

I did receive the Queen Sirikit Service Merit Award and I did jump off the platform to get my wings from the Queens 21st Regiment commander.

You have ridiculed all of these accomplishments. 

The video testifies to the fact that were very reluctant to jump and retreated from the idea. Its not disputed that you got your wings. So did a dozen others including a young boy who jumped twice. It is of course ridiculous to say you underwent a skydiving or even parachute course. It was a day out.

What good have you and your few followers ever done in Thailand? 

 Well as an example today I saved someone from investing US$4000 into a ‘ boiler room’.

I did have US SEC licenses in both securities and futures and was NEVER reprimanded. My licenses simply expired after I changed professions. You lied and said they were revoked.

I have never stated anywhere that you were reprimanded by SEC.  I have stated that your name was removed from the list of the National Futures Association and that there is a judgment out against you for US$72,000. See above. 

The Optimist club of Thailand charter was not revoked despite the lies you posted. All charters outside of North America were canceled due to lack of funding by optimist international in America. I did start that club and I am very proud of it and the members that contributed to help children in Thailand. What have you ever done to help children in Thailand?

Optimist International specifically say in an email they withdrew the charter because the Pattaya branch did not pay its fees. They don’t fund you. You fund yourselves and pay them an annual stipend. I have already revealed the calibre of members you invited to join. There are plenty of Optimist Clubs outside the U.S.

You say I did not graduate from the University of Tennessee with a journalism degree. Some investigator you are. Again, public record easy to prove. 

Again no such claim that youdid not graduate from the University of Tennessee has been made. You variously say you have a BA and B.SC in journalism. There is no such thing as a B.SC in journalism. You may wish to correct your ‘linked-in site’. You are mistaking me for the Wilmington Morning Star report which said you lied about your resume and that you claim you went to  Duke’s University and got a degree there, when the university does not offer such a degree.

Do you have a college degree? No.

The National Council for the Training of Journalists diploma which the main UK recognised entry point into journalism.

My ex-wife  Nittaya and I are close friends but you say I abused her. Another lie.

No such claim has been supported on this site. That claim was made you say by Mr. Colov and you in turn accused him of beating his wife. I have never claimed either is true – just produced evidence of what level of spat you two could get up to.

Rose Romblon  text me AFTER we fired her for poor performance. She wanted to work for us again. You said I was a sexual predator with her and I have the SMS messages proving that is another lie. 

We took affidavits from Rose a long time ago Drew and lots of messages as well. She has made her views known here (and in a post below) and reproduced your emails. We will be asking you to produce those messages. Again the predator allegations were made in the Wilmington Morning Post.

Haya Jane whom i met on Tagged ( a partner site of Facebook not a sex site as you wrote) is a very nice lady and was a very good employee whom  we had no problems with her or the other 14 Fillapinos who worked for us over the years without incident contrary to another myth you created. 

I did not say was a sex site.

The few former clients you blogged about out of the 5,000 clients we have helped –  if they were wrongly treated why didn’t they take action? More lies from you and Stuart Furstman who has the same sick predilection as you.

Perhaps you threatened them as you do below to ‘Geronimo’.  Furstman’s allegations are water-tight. You put his house in YOUR wife’s name.

What is this predilection?

Your Aussie buddy xxxxx xxxxxx was fired by Capital TV, Pattaya People and Pattaya Times for being a belligerent drunk and waste of space. The silly videos he made and posted on YouTube show he, like you, have WAY to much free time since neither of you have real jobs.

I have never met xxxxx xxxxxx.  But its not him posting the videos on youtube.

Facebook closed down the spinoff hate site aliases Pat Angklo and Terry Anderson posted on and we have the real identities of your buddies. Can you pay their legal fees and those of Mr Stevens? 

I do not know two out of these three people nor do I have anything to do with other sites. I do not support anonymous blogs.

The condos on Thepprasit Road selling for 2 million baht plus which you claim are housing for poor Thais have appreciated in value despite your false claims. 

Property in general has gone up in Pattaya so National Housing Authority apartments sold to foreigners should go up accordingly I suppose. What claim?

Your “victim” of my supposed scam  Greg George has lived there ever since he bought 4 units with his Thai girlfriend Nat who I introduced him to in 2004. Is he a poor Thai?

No he is a foreigner  and a victim who says he is poorer by 500,000 baht for having met you. He adds that he would have been poorer by a lot more had you not been forced to repay him 2 million baht after being threatened with legal action.

Geronimo”, the ladyboy lover, filed a false report at DBD claiming he did not receive shares of Pattaya Times stock but it was proven he was lying and he will suffer court action also if  ever returns to Thailand and the people in Mexico don’t catch him for what he did down there.

I think he is here wondering what to do with shares in an unsellable newspaper for which he paid 1 million baht, receiving only a Pattaya Times jacket and a dodgy press card.. Are the Apaches still getting up to all sorts of stuff in Mexico?  Or, er,  is that just an innuendo.

Neither Ken Barret nor Chris Stanley left Pattaya Times as you reported. Both men were fine sub-editors and we are on good terms with them.

They’re still there? Mr.Barret just sent me a message saying he has a copy of this rant from you.

We have 11 months of evidence against you and your few followers.

So do other victims of your treachery.

Now it’s our turn to let the truth be known.


See you in court August 25th and many times more. Several of your victims have joined the fight.

Get your bail bonds money ready.

 I do not think many of my so called ‘victims’ will be joining forces.

We have a letter from the Evening Standard newspaper in London stating you don’t represent them and your claim to represent them is a lie.

You’d better show the letter in court then. Very odd letter for my editors to write.

The Evening Standard newspaper lawyers are upset you have their banner on your blog in a deliberate lattempt to add credibility to your lies.

Were they to be upset I guess they would mention it to me, not you.

Further, the Thai  Immigration Police  and  Thai Labor Dept. will be Informed of your fake sponsor of your press credential as will the Thai  PR department that unwittingly issued your fake Press Card your lawyer showed me.

All my documents are in order. I would not have it otherwise. I have told the authorities to expect your call.

Your visa you get out of country every 90 days should be cancelled soon after our evidence of your false credential is exposed. No Press Card no visa. No visa no work permit.

I do not get my visas every 90 days. Its an annual thing. 

Got 800,000 baht for a retirement visa from your “Donate” button proceeds you used to pay your lawyer when we sued you last time?

Not planning to retire yet.

No more trips scouring the streets of Phenom Penn for you. We have many  pics of your sick antics there. More people dislike you then follow you. The NGOs you think support you are actually investigating you.

Most outrageous thing I have done in PP is fall down the PP Post stairwell. If you have picture of any sick antics you should post them. We shall certainly require you to produce them in court. An the boss of an NGO in Cambodia has made a very generous personal donation to this site – so obviously you are quite well known.

We also have evidence implicating you in the scheme to set up me and my wife with a false charge.

We’ll certainly wish to see evidence of this.

Your WordPress blog better start generating positive income. You will need it . So will your few followers and internet buddies who parrot your lies or have assisted you in Thailand.

It often does when you react like this.

Any website that repeats your lies will also find themselves in court and in real trouble.

God gave Noah the rainbow sign.

No more water the fire next time.

The time has come!


‘The Boghoppers. God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign


Finally a number of people received this letter which of course constitutes a new libel case. For those out there who have not yet contacted me – Please do.

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