He has been sentenced to three years in jail for cheating a 78-year-old lady out of nearly US$300,000, which including posing as a lawyer to pocket the bail money for her son who went on to die in jail without treatment for a heart problem.

He got bail while claiming he needed freedom to care and look after a young daughter in Prachuap Khiri Kan, south Thailand.

But instead he has been gallivanting as expected with a Pattaya bar girl.

An arrest warrant has been issued now against him on charges relating to ‘revenge porn’ and making false documents to evade charges of running an entertainment establishment without the proper licences.

The victim was a previous Thai girlfriend.

The warrant has been issued against both his names, Goudie and Goldie, and as his passport has been seized and does not have a current visa, he may try to leave the country on counterfeit documentation.

Goudie is a professional conman, Under his birth name Goldie, the former bank clerk, was jailed in Australia for 6 years for stealing over A$300,000 plus  from his employers, a West Australia mining company.

He arrived in Thailand pretending to be a former officer in the Royal Marines, and a qualified barrister and Scottish advocate and set up as company called Alba Laws.

He also set up companies in Hong Kong to receive his ill-gotten gains at an HSBC account.

He is also in the courts in Pattaya in relation to defrauding two Brits and a German over a property deal, an embezzling cash a court had awarded them.

He had up until recently been staying at the ‘Key Bar and Restaurant’ in the Jomtien Complex just south of Pattaya.  This was the former ‘Blarney Stone’ which he acquired illegally on the death bed of Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

Arrest warrant

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As you can see from the video. Make a lot of people happy

Known asssociates:

Alan Macdonald, Hua Hin Property developer, but not wanted in Hua Hin. Can be seen around Nana and Cowboy in Bangkok..

John Macdonald, former Glasgow publican and taxi driver. Lives in View Taley 2. Pattaya.

He’s a little nervous.