Soi Green Mango

Murders, stabbings, ‘bad foreigners’, and a man loose with a Taser

IT’S GOT IT ALL –  KOH SAMUI’S INFAMOUS SOI GREEN MANGO It’s got it all apparently. Youngsters on their holidays have been known to spend almost every night in Soi Green Mango in perfect safety. It has the last closing dance spot, partially owned by police, lots of bars and even the island’s ‘Dream Girls’ […]

Military rulers. An Ivy League University, A Race to Govern, And Rich Kids Stuck On a Thai Holiday Island.

NO-ONE’S OWNING UP SO THIS POSH SCHOOL DRAMA IS HEADING FOR A DRAMATIC DENOUEMENT! Rayond Chang (Junior) Cornell bound It appears to be a nightmare. Two international students need to get to their top Universities in the United States quickly for the beginning of the new semester – and the father of one needs to […]