The Great Thai Jet Ski Tourist Scam – A Producer Bares All

The series ‘Big Trouble in Thailand’ has provoked quite a controversy across the internet blogs in this part of the world and is now begining to hit the mainstream Thai media.

Accusations have been made. Was the confrontation with the Marines set up? What sort of guy is JJ – the Thai mafia figure featured in this seemingly shaming episode for the Thai tourist industry.
Anyway Gavin Hill the producer/director is throwing the issue wide open.  He says he has not formed a judgment, but of course the film had to be cut and edited, and it is apparent that although his comments were ‘taken on board’, perhaps not all were acted upon.

You can form your own opinion of JJ by clicking on the following links.
 We all get edited. Make your own mind up. 
Of course JJ may seem worse!  Personally I may have cut the film in pretty much the same way, I think the producer is entitled to make a judgment.   We start today with JJ on the beach whinging about bad tourists.
and continue with him whinging on the beach. I rather picked up on the piece where JJ said : ‘ We call the police’
He believes a lot of foreigners have money to spare. He just needs to feed his family.
They come off the beach tomorrow, Saturday, not before time, when I am sure we will hear about JJ’s police contacts!
 Meanwhile JJ has not sold himself to me, although to be sure there are some idiots hiring jet skis from time to time