Iguana Handlers In Soi Crocodile Veggie Fest Protest

This is a blog onlyAs if Phuket is not getting enough bad PR at the moment, the Phuket Gazette

is reporting a punch up between a Middle Eastern tourist and three ‘Iguana handlers’ after the tourist apparently declined to be photographed being pictured with one of these creatures in, yes, Soi Crocodile.
The 20-yr-old Syrian ended up being stabbed with a pocket knife.

Here’s a hint about buying Iguanas. Don’t.  They can grow up to five feet and won’t fetch your morning paper, wai, or even chase the local cat.
Why ‘Iguana handlers’, who are guys with no experience of Iguanas but have bought them illegally to make a fast buck, are allowed to pester people in Patong says a lot about the country’s promise to eradicate the trade in wild life.
Getting a picture taken with a ladyboy however IS contributing to the local wild-life.
As its Phuket Vegatarian Festival however here is a link to a recipe for Iguana.
Finally a link from my colleague Andy Chant http://apiln.blogspot.com/  If you think your lot is bad have a heart for these people who are going through hell in the UK and telling their local newspapers about it.