Brit Island Drug Rape Case Returns Thailand To Give Evidence

A Briton, who fled Thailand with his girlfriend after they believe they were seriously sexually abused after being drugged on a holiday island, has returned to complete his evidence for Thai police.

Police in Koh Chang, 250 miles south east of Bangkok, said today they had now taken a statement from the man, known only as Richard, over claims that the couple from London had both been raped at their holiday bungalow on the island at the end of a world tour.

The couple, the man, a company director, 42, the woman, known as Susan, 31, fled with the bedding from their guest house, believing the Thai  Police were not taking their allegations seriously.

Both have been interviewed by officers from a Scotland Yard ‘Project Sapphire’ team based in Kingston, and have been treated and tested at ‘The Haven’  at the Royal London Hospital.

‘I am absolutely confident that Scotland Yard will be able to confirm that we were drugged and that they will be able to get DNA profiles of our attackers,’ said Richard in Bangkok today.

The couple claimed they were drinking and listening to music at their holiday apartment on the Thai island of Koh Chang in the early morning on November 19th with an English woman and her three French friends, when they collapsed.

The man claimed he awoke briefly to find his face being forced against their bungalow window to see his partner being raped inside.  Later the same morning he awoke again to see the group leave and boast about what they had done.  Before they complained to police they consulted a local doctor who told them they were showing the symptoms of having been drugged with a ‘date rape’ type drug, possibly Dormicon.

Dr. Roongtham Charentantanakul , who counseled said afterwards: ‘These cases are very difficult to deal with.  These drugs have two main affects, one is hypnotic and the other is retrograde amnesia.  That means the victims can fully co-operate with their attackers and then afterwards forget all about it or only have partial recall’.

Although ‘Susan’, 31, gave a statement, the couple decided to flee Thailand, they said, when a Thai British Consular official advised them to leave, and police refused to collect DNA evidence from their room.

Scotland Yard have confirmed they have taken samples from the couple and their bedding and also done video interviews. The matter would be handed over to SOCA – the Serious Organised Crime Agency, who have a representative at the British Embassy in Bangkok, to pass on to Royal Thai Police, Region 2.