Forget Central World I AM COMING FOR YOU

 A British blogger known as Spike Tennyson, who ran a website called ‘Pattayadays’ has apparently fled Thailand after he claims he received threats to his personal safety by Jeff Savage – the Briton caught on video threatening to burn down Central World during the red-shirt troubles in Bangkok.

Jeff Savage, 48, from Tonbridge, Kent, pleaded guilty to breaching an emergency decree imposed to halt anti-government protests. He was jailed for three months by a court in Bangkok  in July last year but was immediately deported having spent that time in prison already.

Savage, 48, hit the headlines in the UK press not surprisingly in a rather negative way. He was described by the Sun for example as the ‘Brit thug of Bangkok’.

New life was added to the story when I revealed Savage had previously worked for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

He was filmed during the red shirt troubles wearing a bandanna and saying of Central World: “We’re gonna loot everything, gold, watches, everything, and then we’re gonna burn it to the ground.”

He lived in Pattaya, sometimes at his retired parent’s home and sometimes in a very nice condo along Beach Road. His Thai girlfriend was a keen red-shirt supporter.

I met his parents at the time who said Jeff was subject to mood swings. And indeed he was. Although the pattayadays site is now down this little snippet below might have set off one of his moods. I might have even sulked.

If you look into the cache he provided his own translations for ‘twat’.
“Note: For the increasing number of Thai visitors to this page who may be unfamiliar with the word ‘twat’, you can use ‘kwai’ (buffalo) instead, but you must shout it out really loud for full effect. For English speakers who are unfamiliar with ‘twat’, ‘idiot dickhead asshole motherf*cker’ is close enough”
This translation is of course not true and is merely a Pattaya-English distortion of an old norse work pveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing.
Savage may therefore be merely complaining about his abuse of the English language. It has apparently been twisted and used as an insult since the 1920’s but even  then, according to one dictionary it is sometimes used ‘affectionately’
(Well not in my neck of the woods, or, er forest clearing.).
But ‘Spike’, is not hanging around to argue semantics.
As if our senior citizens did not have enough problems nowadays.


He says he has lodged a complaint with the Pattaya Police who he says will take action if Savage approaches, but he is not counting on them for security it seems.

Could have given him a job on this site, but I am not sure how long he would have lasted.
 Any more info on this Pattayadays, or Pattaya people?

Sad to see the site disappearing before I had a chance to peruse the section headed‘Noyes Noise’.

A number of posts have been deleted including one from someone who appears to be Jeff Savage. My understanding is that Spike is putting his site back up without the Savage piece and Savage has offered to remain calm.
He has also offered to buy me a drink. but I am picking fluff off my jackets this weekend.
I’m getting threatening sms’ now. ‘Better off dead tosser. word is drummond will be beaten and video taped then viral on world wide web’ – but as it relates to vdo perhaps its connected with the Drew-Hoyes Hitler thread.


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