Boiler Room Man Seeks Right to Earn Living In Bangkok

Another Flying Sporran BR Warning
March 27 2012
A Bangkok boiler room guy has written in to ask me to lay off on the basis that ‘some of us have got to work for a living.’

He did not go so far as to say: ‘Let us do an honest day’s work,guv.’

File Picture: – Boiler room traders from Foreign Currency International and South East Asia Trading.

But writing under the name ‘Whale Hunter’, claiming to be in Afghanistan, but sending a message from a server in Hong Kong (IP, where together with Singapore most of the Asian boiler room servers and VOIP connections are set up, he refers to a story I wrote exposing ‘Asia Green Technology’.

Much of his message is unintelligible like this.

‘it ain’t this, U f#kin c*nt, this ain’t it  ya know, mate, some of us just got to work for a livin and U should leave us alone.’


‘Some of us just got to work for a living’ – boiler room boys on the job. Actually this picture is historical too.  These guys are in a boiler room in Phnom Penh which was shut down, which means…they’re back in Bangkok.
But I get the drift in the next paragraph.

‘You piece of shit, the next great boiler room story will be done on …. you.  U was set up last year and U got a hot story from somebody that was too hot wasn’t it?  and maybe U dug up more on it, but we know who U went to, friends with CD and AB, and U asked for money to suppress the story, and we got witnesses and testimony.’



This is interesting of course. I know men in the boiler room business with those initials but despite an invitation a while ago, reported here, that I should ‘go over to the dark side’ I would certainly not get into the extremely dangerous business of taking cash from these people – unless of course they wished to return sums to the people they have defrauded. 

But I did suppress a story last year, but more for the reason it was more hassle than it was worth. It later made the rounds of the boiler room circles anyway.

Confronting a Bangkok boiler rooom

And when I say I know men with these initials I have never actually met or even corresponded with CD. The more public AB* claims to have been out of the business for years, well actually he still maintains he was never in it.

The suggestion that ‘Whale Hunter’ has witnesses and testimony to my alleged dastardly deed is quite intriguing, rather endearing actually, as if they have been besmirched and want to go through the courts on a point of honour.

But he seems he does not like AB, a European national, and CD, a US national, or his organization does not have the same amount of cash, but wait a minute, have I got that wrong. Is he talking about a, er contract?

This is his last line.

‘Yuir done in BKK, U piece of shit, leave us little guys alone, oh yeah, we can’t pay U enuff but AB and CD* and 2 or 3 others can, got that, right.’

*initials changed

The link he was referring to was a story I wrote referring to Asia Green Technologies, and Provideo Financial operating out of Hong Kong and Bangkok.

 Just to keep you up to date, potential investors should also avoid the following companies run by people who joined Optimist International in Pattaya a few years ago.


In this list of companies to avoid though, the first one Aberdeen Ltd and Amplius and the last two have already been exposed on and on this site.

They have been scamming Europeans recently, including Brits too, because victims have been urged to hassle the British Embassy in Bangkok

Aberdeen Ltd – with a virtual office and no presence at U-Chuliang Buidling, Rama IV Road, Bangkok.


Amplius Group Asia, working out of the same virtual/serviced office.
CLGL Global Dynamix UK,

Spiriton Media Group,

Green World Solutions

Finally for those with some time on their hands (scroll down to “Dave666”) 97532-spiriton-media-group-165.html&ei=ACJyT7Yd4-XhBL3GwaEP&usg=AFQjCNFTmy4PccBwCq329SomRXFicajMuw&cad=rja
WhoIs/Domain records:

Amplius Group ( uses the following contact info: “” The domain,, is registered by John Guchone, using the following business address:
PN-113 U Chu Liang Bldg., 968 Rama IV Road, Bangrak. also refers to the following contact email: (jvg refers to the abbreviation of John V. Guchone)


* Initials changed


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