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I am really touched by the testimonials which have been coming in this week as I ready myself to strive again, or rather waste time and cash,  to fight two more flippant but malicious libel and computer act cases this time from a ‘woman friend’ of the main protagonist. 

(But I look forward to going to court on this one especially as we all know who is hiding behind the skirts here)

Thank you for the donations but I am still a long way off. One thing is for sure though I am not backing down to these people. Its an odd headline don’t know why it suddenly came to me today I do not know – but I found myself singing ‘Can’t live, if living is without you” after reading one of the letters below much to the amusement of my kids.

Thailand will of course eventually live without Andrew Drummond, my children’s education is the determining factor not these chumps, but not for a while. There is still a lot of unfinished business.

Nevertheless I am proud to have been of help to people along the way and put some crooks out of business. I do not count what I do.  But I’ll continue to do it. Day follows night so to speak.

Unfortunately by the time I am called in to help, in many cases, people have lost all their money to fraudsters in Thailand – I hope I can provide a guide to watch out for.

I am merely continuing what some newspapers used to do well occasionally before they concentrated on B grade television stars snorting coke. The media is meant to serve – not just entertain.

If any of these letters moves you to donate towards my fighting costs, please, please do. There are three ways – by clicking on the Paypal, by GoFundMe, or contact me for a local bank account. For people encountering problems with the Google sign in – you can email ‘andrew’ at this site.

WEAPON (Photoshop king from down under. The ‘boys” are desperate to find out who he is!

I’ve been a long time follower of this site. In this day and age it is rare to find investigative journalism. It is even rarer for a journalist to follow a case through to the end.
Andrew has helped many people find justice in a system that will often do its best to deny it. Every honest expat in Thailand should get behind and support Andrew in his fight against like likes of DN, BG and DH.
These people are making all us farangs look stupid. D with his lies and resume with more fiction in it than a Harry Potter novel. A fake lawyer with this pathetic gate-crashing habit where he acts like some form of ‘influential person groupie’ clamoring for attention. Turning up at functions where it’s clear he’s about as wanted as a fresh turd in a swimming pool.
Then we have B pretending to be a Royal Marine Captain and Lawyer. What an insult to all the real men who have served their country. My father was in the British Navy in WW2 so to see this fraud claiming service is a disgrace to all the fallen ones and Marines still serving.
Lastly libel laws stop me revealing things I know about the brothel trade and the trafficking of Thai women in Australia. I know exactly how it works so someone who has profited off it to me is a F###ing scumbag.

If these people just went on with their roach like existences nobody would care as forewarned is forearmed. To keep taking out their vile and vexatious litigation shows just how devious and ruthless these people are.
Behind the cheap Tesco shirts and ties are very disturbed people. Phoneys, thieves and career fraudsters. We need to get behind Andrew and show these reprobates we are sick of their crap.

From Alastair (Ally) S Cooper  

Ally has bated these people so much that they have tried to take cases against him and failed. He’s always on an aircraft, offshore, or drinking in one of my adversary’s waterholes. Despite his picture being up in the net they still cannot recognise him.
I believe they are trying again in Pattaya tomorrow. 

“I first became aware of Drummonds work 3 years ago after reading an article about our old bloated friend N. It cheered me to know that somebody was at last prepared to take on and expose the endless numbers of fraudsters, rapists, boiler room boy’s, drug dealers, pedophiles and vermin that called Thailand their home. It seems in a country that likes to portray its self as industrialized and developed, he’s the only one with the courage and stamina to do it. 

I know it’s taken a great toll on his personal life and his finances. A situation he should have never been exposed to. They have twisted and abused the law and courts to such a farcical extent that this this honest hardworking family man journalist is now being portrayed as the perpetrator and the guilty are the victims. 

As the righteous, all of us who have opposed these crooks have had to carry the burden of vexatious litigation, libelous and humiliating comment on social media and the threats of powerful friends and influential people in authority. However it is a worthy and ethical cause. 

Drummond cannot survive on good wishes and comments alone. There are people out there who comment on his site that could really tip the balance in his favour, a favour all of us would benefit from, but don’t.

If we lose D then there will no body to counter the massed army of criminals just waiting for such an opportunity to resume operations. Ask yourself, what would life be like in Thailand without D?”

 Anon: This one is succinct

“If you don’t like people who gatecrash events.
If you don’t like people who act as a friend to steal your money.
If you don’t like people who steal from charities.
If you don’t like people who rape children but portray themselves as family men.
If you don’t like dead beats who refuse to pay child support.
If you don’t like people who misinform and prey on the elderly.
If you don’t like rapists
If you don’t like wife beaters.
If you don’t like pimps who film underage girls performing sex acts to sell on the internet.
The above is a description of just some of the creeps Andrew Drummond fights on a daily basis. But many others share many of his traits”,

Klaus is a great supporter. He lives in the South and is an old Thai hand.

“As a foreigner living in Thailand for almost 30 years, I wish more people would support Mr. Andrew for the simple reasons that it might be ‘you’ or ‘me’ who might need help from him in the future.Mr. Andrew‘s hard and often danger work to expose con-man, cheaters, liars and criminals who made Thailand their base to prey on innocent tourists and ‘new-comers’ in Thailand is appreciated by many Thai and Foreign people. 

Some people exposed on have caused great damage and suffering to others, often elderly people who lost their life savings without having the possibility to ever work and earn money again. Some of those ‘pest’ have former criminal convictions and operate in Thailand taking advantage of the weak legal system. Besides that, Mr. Andrew’s investigations help many people to avoid those scammers and criminals roaming freely in Thailand. 

As per my knowledge, Mr. Andrew Drummond is the only journalist in Thailand who is actually investigating issues and not just ‘quoting people’ as done in other Thai news outlets.

I deeply respect Mr. Andrew for his never-ending effort to make Thailand a better place. Criminals did also indirectly threatened his and his young children’s safety. 
This is something to be taken seriously as it is common knowledge that creating some serious damage to people here in Thailand is cheap and not that difficult to achieve for criminals, so Mr. Andrews’s never-ending effort to expose this people is simply amazing! 

Those exposed criminals try hard to destroy Mr. Andrew Drummond and his family financially with court-cases which are very time-consuming and expensive.
Please help and support Mr. AndrewKlaus R. RauterManaging Director “

Zorrobynight – Scandinavia
Zorro is an academic and very talented investigator himself

“Investigative journalism, sometimes called the hero of justice, is time-consuming and does not always result in a productive story. Presently, fewer seem to build their stories on firsthand material and to be willing to do the hard work to move beyond simple re-editing of news from agencies.

Andrew Drummond is a case of exception.

He continues to dig with an astonishingly brave attitude into topics that few, if any, other media deal with.

There are obviously people in Thailand, specifically expats who feed on others due to criminal activity, who would like him to get silent and/or threat him with court procedures. 

The site,, has proven to make a difference to people who e.g. have been defrauded and victimized as well as to people who want to escape from being part of the crime scene. 

Given the present situation in Thailand, Andrew Drummond is probably more needed than ever and should therefore receive continuous support.”



I am writing anonymously in support of Andrew Drummond and his website and urging you to contribute generously to his legal defense fund. 

While my name wouldn’t mean anything to you I am one of many in the global investigative community (law enforcement, intelligence organizations, fraud investigators, private eyes etc) who are fans of the work that Drummond does. 

We can only do so much. You must understand that we in government and the private sector are bound by strict confidentiality. Until there is a criminal indictment or civil case filed we can’t alert the public to ongoing frauds. 

That’s where a free and unfettered press and journalists like Andrew Drummond come into play. It is absolutely vital that the important facts about crimes and frauds be on the public record and that much needed light gets shined into the darker corners of ex-pat society. 

In the general interests of justice many of us do suggest to Andrew where a good story might lurk. But it is his efforts that bring this reporting to the public. And because of Thailand’s extreme defamation statutes it is upon him that liability and expense can fall as he works to expose the many bad actors in Thailand today. 

These are simple propositions: 

– If you enjoy Drummond’s site purely for the gossip value then consider that he can’t write the many columns he does every week if he’s jailed or write them half as well if he’s deported. 

– If he has saved you a few baht (or a few million) by steering you away from a con artist or bad investment then this is your chance to repay. 

– If you simply like seeing someone fight the good fight then Drummond’s your man.

No investigative journalist should be jailed or go broke for simply doing his job. Please give as you are able to make sure Andrew Drummond’s work can go on. 

“Spooky Supporter”



As an expat here in Thailand, getting reliable information about goods and especially services is at times very difficult. Andrew Drummond brings to light those individuals whom we as expats need to know about.

Without Andrew Drummond, chances are the general expat community would have never heard of  DN, BG or DH, other than what they have boasted about themselves in bars and on the internet.

Hearing the truth about these scumbags from Andrew has certainly prevented others for falling for their fake accomplishments and saved expats countless amounts of money.

Andrew currently has the claim of the most sued investigative journalist in history. It should be noted that Andrew has called the people that have sued him names such as swindlers, liars, con men, extortionists, loan sharks and the like.  

None of them have ever filed a lawsuit due to those adjectives being used to describe them, as most honest businessmen would be inclined. Why is that?  It’s simply because they know they couldn’t defend themselves in court against those claims.  

These con men and swindlers have exactly one agenda: To file so many vexatious lawsuits that Andrew is unable to afford to fight them anymore. The intention behind these criminal’s lawsuits is not to find redress, but to ruin Andrew financially so Andrew will stop publishing stories about their criminal activities so they can continue their swindling and conning without having to worry about the public knowing.

These con men will stop at nothing to ruin the lives of those who bring to light their crimes or the women who go against them. They have tried to ruin the life of Andrew Drummond, and the lives of anybody who supports him.

It’s up to us in the expat community to support Andrew’s efforts in bringing individuals to light that we need to know about. Without our support, he won’t be able to continue enlightening us about the parasites in our midst, and that is something I know we all need.

Please Support Andrew Drummond!

Andrew Drummond needs to be supported. He is a unifying force in exposing these foreign fraudsters that prey on tourists and foreign residents in Thailand, who themselves are victimized because they have no community to help them, whether they themselves are guilty or not of stupidity or gullibility in the first instance.  
I have first-hand experience of one of the Three Stooges. He was, at least initially, very convincing.  His claim of support from high places was intimidating and his supposed knowledge of Thai law initially impressive, although a real lawyer was able to guide me comfortably through the barrage of pseudo-legal drivel. He was convincing to many.
I can see clearly how people are bamboozled, suckered and cajoled into parting with money. Don’t be one of them.  The authorities don’t appear to prioritize crime by foreigners on other foreigners, although I must add that the law courts in Thailand do, albeit slowly, usually process some justice.  
What is clear to me is that most foreigners have neither the patience, the knowledge nor the money to take these people to task through the legal system, especially if these snakes know how to tie people up in court for protracted periods of time. Therefore, we need to support Andrew and the great work he is doing in exposing these people.  
Andrew, fight the good fight and stay safe.  The rest of you, please donate.


 #Andrew Drummond #Thailand #DrewNoyes #WilmingtonStar


It’s ok ED – they have not succeeded and are not going to.

“I could be Jack the Ripper but it would not make any difference” – Noyes

PICK OF THE DAY:  On his Facebook today Drew Walter Noyes, the former publisher of the Pattaya Times now up on extortion charges in Pattaya states:

“My Harbour Point Marina and home subdivision I developed from 4 acres of land on the Intercostal Waterway in scenic Carolina Beach North Carolina is now the premier marina North of Miami. See the Wilmington Star newspaper Page 1! If you need a boat or yacht slip contact me!” (sic).

Here is page 1 of the Wilmington Star for April 1995 under the headline ‘Trouble Follows Developer’. It continues on page 3 – As you can see this is not his project, but he tried to bully himself into it. But yes, according to one disgruntled businessman he made of with US$80,000.

I am guessing he is putting this on his Facebook friend to convince his Thai friends – not many foreigners are falling for it anymore.

That award of US$25,000 to Mr Tom Flanagan has now been increased to US$72,000

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