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I love this report sent to me from the Pattaya Today newspaper – one of the clean English language newspapers in the resort of Pattaya.

The newspaper reported the most recent dismissals of libel and computer crime act cases brought against me and then added, to be even handed I guess, something like ‘ It’s rumoured  Drummond eats babies but these rumours cannot be substantiated at this time’.

No actually it reported ‘Online critics argue that Drummond is a fraudster who is giving Thailand a bad name by posting false or misleading information, but as matters stand Drummond has never been convicted of a criminal or civil offence in Thailand.”

Well the last bit is true enough. I have never been convicted of a criminal offence anywhere. But I do not have online critics accusing me of being a fraudster apart from Drew Walter Noyes, and Brian Goudie, aka Goldie, who are in court in Pattaya on, er fraud trials.

And the claim that I write bad things about Thailand, the country which is my home, is the last resort of cornered rats.

It’s the first time these guys have been elevated to the status of ‘online critics’ so they should seize the day.
Ah I see Goudie already is, with remorse apparently. This from his website today. Probably just a lover’s tiff though.

And this:

And this:

Anyway Pattaya Today, to be even handed you don’t have to qualify something good by saying something vaguely bad. You can however quote the other side in the dispute, which in this case would be something like ‘I’m as sick a parrot’.

And don’t forget tonight – Andrew Drummond on trial again and Mr. Noyes is promising to make a grand entrance.

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