Press Coverage of the Bangkok Protests – Where do these guys come from?

The ubiquitous anti-Thaksin scribe Tony Cartalucci wrote another tome yesterday this time attacking Reuters and the western press
for smearing the protest movement against the Pheu Thai coalition government of

He signaled
out quite an interesting article about ‘high society’ Thais taking part in
the recent demos in Bangkok, sourced a lot from ‘Thailand Tatler’. 

He describes the Reuters piece as The latest attempt by the West to use its large media machine to perpetuate the “class divide” myth in Thailand’

Well ‘hi so’s ‘ were there – but a lot of ‘lo-so’s’ too.

But the Reuters story was true, quite amusing, and hardly a conspiracy. The agency was merely reporting on one sector of the protesters.

Now while I can see that people across all sectors could be
unhappy with the Pheu Thai government – and if I were a red-shirt I would be
really not so happy with how it has conducted itself – I am much more cynical
about this Cartalucci chappy – who does not have a record that I can find in
journalism and indeed appears to be purely an activist.  That’s all fine and good – as long as we all
know with whom we are dealing.

I don’t know what his real job is. This guy seems to be upsetting a few journos in Bangkok.

Thaksin is an easy target. If Suthep Thaugsuban is not a poster boy for clean conduct, Thaksin is not a poster boy for democracy – If he were then people would have hung for the war on drugs, Tak Bai, and Kruseque Mosque incidents. None of the victims were afforded democratic rights.

Nevertheless you cannot campaign to end ‘democracy’ and expect to get the vote!

I thought I would check out Tony who is a regular
contributor to an organization based in Montreal, Canada called ‘The Centre for Global Research’  which I have never
heard of. I of course respect Tony’s right to his opinions. 
Wikipedia is of course not always right and is being
continually corrected, but it’s always a good first choice before going any
But the internet is there I guess for a variety of opinion and I am sure Reuters has not the slightest interest in defending itself from Tony.

Wikipedia:“A 2005 article in The Jewish Tribune criticized as “rife with anti-Jewish conspiracy theory and
Holocaust denial.” B’nai Brith Canada had complained that there were
comments on a forum that questioned how many Jews died in the Holocaust.

“Website editor Michel Chossudovsky responded that there was a disclaimer that
the website was not to be held responsible for the views expressed in the
forum, and he had the comment removed. He also said that he was of Jewish
heritage and would be one of the last people to condone antisemitic views.

same article also reported that B’nai Brith Canada wrote a letter to the
University of Ottawa (Chossudovsky’s former employer) asking for the university
“to conduct its own investigation of this propagandist site.

“CRG was described in 2011 as having “an intimate and wildly
successful relationship” with the RT network (previously known as
“Russia Today”).

“CRG is a registered non-profit organization in the Canadian
province of Quebec.  It accepts donations
and offers a variety of paid “memberships” as a form of donation to
support its work”.

Is Global Research Republican or does its articles see evil everywhere. This is the beginning of a recent article on Obama’s health care scheme.

“The Obama administration has designed a health care system aimed at defrauding the population, stripping tens of millions of Americans of decent coverage and rationing health care along class lines. It is a scheme largely authored by the insurance and health care industry to boost their profits by depriving people of medicines, tests and procedures and lowering the life expectancy of workers.
This was a Flying Sporran ramble

This is the essence of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)”.

No matter what one thinks of Obama I do not think he can be blamed for ill intentions in attempting to provide a health care scheme for all. US medical charges are legendary as are the monopolies of its drugs companies.
Global Research I think could be a misnomer.