‘I’m just a sweetie really’ – The terror of Pattaya Police reforms


In with the new reformed Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward

Today comes the not unexpected news that Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward – who has been besieging Pattaya Police station and accusing officers of attempting to fit him up with drugs  and stealing a fortune in gold from his apartment, has mellowed…..  Police and Sharky have kissed and made up as predicted.

Seemingly as part of the brokered deal he is now working out of  Bobby’s Bar and Hotel in Thappraya Road, Jomtien, owned by a wealthy Thai businessman – and from my understanding police also have an interest there too.

On his Facebook page he announces: “Part of my new role as a reformed less aggressive Pattaya citizen will be helping out you guys who find yourselves in trouble while in Pattaya.  If you have any kind of drama while here in Pattaya, contact me here on Facebook. Or just call into Bobby’s Bar and Hotel on Thappraya Road in Jomtien.. Have a beer and say hello.

But maybe one should not ask him for a loan. He has been advised to funnel his aggression elsewhere, otherwise he faced ‘deportation or death, or both’.

This is what is known as a Thai deal. How exactly it is going to work out I cannot be sure. But Sharky’s expertise is in getting money back from borrowers,  and of course he used to run Shark Financial Services in Queensland, which the authorities closed down, perhaps because he is alleged to have ‘inflicted very substantial financial and psychological detriment on borrowers.”

It seems Sharky is very happy with the new arrangement – and Pattaya needs problem solvers with muscle. Watching this one with interest.

Below – Out with the old Sharky

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