…..If police who covered up Australian’s death can find them

A Post Mortem on Australian Brodie Smith, who died while undergoing Ibogaine treatment to cure his methamphetamine addiction, confirms our investigation into the death of 33-year-old on the Thai holiday island of Koh Phangan.

It shows that the quack providers of the illegal programme for drug addiction on the island of lied to police – who then helped cover up the manslaughter.

And the autopsy carried out at the Police Hospital in Bangkok also especially vindicates claims by Brodie Smith’s fiancée Kara Spark that Brodie had been administered with Ibogaine, the West African root of the Iboga tree, used in tribal rituals, and had NOT shot himself up with  other drugs himself as the programme providers claimed.

Ibogaine was drug which we revealed he should never have been given in the first place, dished out by amateurs to fund their own lifestyle in ‘paradise’.

The results of the post mortem have been given to Australian government officials after protests by Kara Spark, from Mandurah, West Australia, and Brodie Smith’s mother Diane Tucker from Halls Creek, Kimberley, West Australia.

Vctor Cracknell – some mistake?

The promoters of the programme were Americans Simon Picone and Victor Cracknell from Buffalo, New York, who administered the drugs in a resort on Koh Phangan – the Thai island famous for its full moon parties.

Mike Picone

They were assisted by Kelly Lyn Miller, a former stripper from Alabama, who has already been deported to the United States from Thailand to face a five year sentence for manslaughter ( a hit and run case).

Now if Picone and Cracknell can be found they too face at the minimum manslaughter charges for the reckless way in which they dished out Ibogaine – a hallucinogenic drug.

But police on both Koh Phangan and Koh Samui had ignored Kara Spark’s account of what happened on Koh Phangan given on Samui the day after she fled,  and they suppressed her detailed statement, possibly not wishing to scare off tourists or but they just did not care.

The island police had accepted a ridiculous claim by Cracknell that Brodie was a friend of his and he had found him dead when he turned up at his rented bungalow to take him on a trip of around the island.  Cracknell claimed Brodie had shot himself up with other drugs, not Ibogaine, in his bathroom. In fact Brodie had paid over AUS$3000 to Cracknell and Picone for drugs rehab treatment.

Diane Tucker

Brodie’s mother Diane Tucker today received a report from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which states:

“The Embassy obtained a report with the results of the re-testing for the drug “Ibogaine” from the Police Forensic Institute on 9 April 2015. 

“The results of re-testing shows traces of the substance “Ibogaine”.  The officer from the Forensic Institute said they will send this report to the police investigator at Koh Phangan Police station for further investigation……………. 

“Consular staff contacted Pol Capt. Yuttana, the investigator handling Mr. Smith’s case on 9 April 2015. Pol Capt. Yuttana advised that he was unable to speak with consular staff as he was attending a meeting with the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok at the time. He requested that a consular officer call him again on 17 April 2015.”

Cracknell and Brodie are believed to have long since departed Koh Phangan irrespective of the lack of urgency of Captain Yuttana .

Kara and Brodie

Kelly Lynn Miller, 36, was arrested on the island of Phuket, Thailand and last month deported to the United States to go to jail for five years for the manslaughter of truck driver Donald Goodwin in 2004. She had fled while on bail and changed her name to Bea.   She had a baby by Victor Cracknell.

Karen Spark copied her statement to this site and gave us a harrowing account of what happened on Koh Phangan and how she watched Brodie die in front of her after being administered with does of Ibogaine and another drug in the form of blue pills.

 I have nothing to gain by making anything up.  

I have trouble with accepting what happened. 

I will always remember this and I will never re-cover from this. 

I have lost everything, all my hopes and dreams. They are to blame, 

 I don’t understand how people could be so horrible and cruel and to not feel guilty or remorseful makes me sick. 


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