Chris Henderson

British police seek help on Chelsea headhunter death

NEXT OF KIN SOUGHT BY THE MET.- Police in Uxbridge, West London are seeking help in connection with the death of Chris ‘Chubby Henderson’ former owner of the Dog’s Bollocks bar in Pattaya. They know that Henderson had a Thai wife and daughter Chelsea but are urgently seeking help in contacting the next of kin. […]

Forgotten Chelsea Headhunter ‘Chubby’ Henderson Meets His Maker

The former leader of the British football hooligan gang the ‘Chelsea Headhunters’, Chris ‘Chubby’ Henderson, who boasted of the kickings and beatings he gave at football matches in Britain in an autobiography, has died in London. Henderson, former owner of the ‘Dogs’s Bollocks bar in Pattaya is reported to have died of a seizure on […]