And Now For Something Completely Different -Spawn To Be Wild

From The Sun and the Daily Star, January 11 2008
 Pictures by Reuters and Andrew Chant
 Of course as this frog is in a Catatonic state the video is not quite so good!
Hopper on a chopper! Spawn to be wild, Going down the old frog and toad!  Rev it! Rev it! – a good day for the tabloid writers.
The ‘Times’ was a bit more laborious.  ‘Chonburi: According to the nursery rhyme when froggie goes a courtin’ he takes a sword and pistol by his side. This frog though prefers to travel unarmed on a Harley-Davison.’  Ahemm!

But you can trust Metro newspaper to come out with the boring truth: ‘Now. Call us skeptical old curmudgeons if you will, but we think the real story’s more like this: Ms. Bamrungthai enjoys putting the frog onto human toys and taking photos.

We really don’t think that the frog has much say in the matter, or that what it does on the toys can really be describes as playing’.  – Never mind the story did make ‘Biker Chick News’ after all.